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About SBT Localization Team

Non-Governmental OrganizationSBT Localization Team”, aka Локалізаційна спілка «Шлякбитраф», is registered in July 2018. The main goal of our organization is to popularize gaming culture and increase overall awareness of the subject by performing educational work in the form of lectures and presentations at relevant meetings and conventions. We aim to encourage the Ukrainian gamer to seek out Ukrainian content and thus stimulate the media market’s development. The founders are Oleksii Ivanov, Sofia Shul, Olha Khmelnytska.

SBT Localization Team was formed on the base of SBT Localization, a community of volunteer translators.

The community was founded by Ihor Solodrai in 2012 by volunteer translators from the Ukrainian localization project Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. Some of those involved in the project decided not to stop at what had been achieved, but to continue promoting the Ukrainian language in games.

The name (“Shliakbytraf” in Ukrainian) comes from a particular Polish expression, that has German roots (“schlag treffen”). One way or another, the members of SBT localization Team believe that words can be said with various meanings, and so take the liberty of interpreting their name as “Noble and Accurate”.


As a matter of principle, our team cooperates with game developers on official terms. We strive to show developers and publishers that there is a demand for Ukrainian localization in Ukraine—such a demonstration is our way to spur its further popularization. We believe that Ukrainian gamers deserve Ukrainian localization of their favorite games, as they want it and are ready to pay for it. And we harbor no doubt that soon there will be enough Ukrainian-speaking players to form a market for Ukrainian localizations—a market that is stable and properly commercialized.

That’s why we work without a let-up.

During its existence, the community has already translated more than a dozen games, a few works of literature, and has established contact with a number of developers.

At the beginning of its activities, our community also made several unofficial localizations. Those include Bastion and King’s Bounty: Crossworlds.

SBT Localization has been keeping out of unofficial localizations for the rest of the time. However, some members of the team may simultaneously participate in other localization initiatives.


For details see OUR PROJECTS page, please.


  1. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition
  2. Metro: 2033 Redux
  3. Metro: Last Light Redux
  4. Cradle
  5. The Stanley Parable
  6. Hand of Fate
  7. Blues and Bullets
  8. Bravada
  9. Bastion
  10. King’s Bounty: Crossworlds (editing and proofreading)
  11. Endless TD
  12. HabitRPG
  13. Insurgency
  14. Day of Infamy
  15. ReSize
  16. Gone Home
  17. Loner
  18. ARKTIKA.1
  19. Ruiner
  20. Ash of Gods
  21. FTL: Faster Than Light
  22. Grimmwood – They Come at Night
  23. Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear
  24. Summer Catchers (editing and proofreading)
  25. Curious Expedition
  26. The Sinking City
  27. Naval Action
  28. Tales From Windy Meadow
  29. Streets of Rage 4
  30. Kingdom Come: Deliverance


  1. Abraham Meritt’s story “Through the Dragon Glass
  2. Terry Pratchett’s comedy fantasy “The Colour of Magic
  3. “Giant’s Heart” by George MacDonald
  4. The Light Princess” by George MacDonald
  5. The Golden Key” by George MacDonald
  6. Comic series “Man in Black” (1967) by Harvey
  7. Comic series “Outsider” by Jim Francis
  8. Hideo Kojima “The Art of Death Stranding
  9. Naughty Dog “The Art of The Last of Us Part II
  10. Sucker Punch Productions “The Art of Ghost of Tsushima”
  11. Neil Druckmann “The Last of Us. American Dreams”
  12. CD Projekt RED “The World of Cyberpunk 2077

Progs and Apps

  1. App AppLock – Fingerprint


  1. Cartoon “Pets on Their Own” (Eng), Episode 1
  2. Anime series “Made in Abyss” (sponsoring and editing)
  3. Cartoon series “Hilda” (Season 1)
  4. TV series “Ozark” (Season 1-3)


SBT Localization helped us deliver a fantastic translation in Ukrainian, and were incredibly diligent and easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ihor and his team even for work that, like our title Hand of Fate, is both wordy and complex.”

Morgan Jaffit
Defiant Development

“Thanks to SBT Localization we have been able to reach a bigger amount of users. Their workflow and professional style made our collaboration agile and easy to manage. I cannot recommend them enough!

Dan Caste
A Crowd of Monsters

Hi! My name is Ilya Tolmachev. I’m lead of development of game Cradle (http://store.steampowered.com/app/361550/). I confirm that the SBT team has done Ukrainian translation for Cradle. We are very pleased with their work. SBT demonstrated high professionalism – have done an excellent adaptation and work performed in accordance with the schedule. Ukrainian localization has received high ratings from players.

Ilya Tolmachev
Flying Cafe For Semianimals

We did realize that many of our game’s strings could use some paraphrasing, general improvement and conciseness, but it came as a total surprise that so much could be done on that front. There were also certain disputable points, but that was something we needed to discuss internally, too. All in all, the edited text was so concise and on-point that it kept us wondering why we couldn’t write it that way ourselves!”




  1. Oleksii “Stravenger” Ivanov – leader, editor, contact person
  2. Sofia “Selina Sebro” Shul – editor, admin, contact person
  3. Olha Khmelnytska – editor


  1. Yurii “Shahor” Bisyk – editor
  2. Ivan Yankovyi – technical manager
  3. Bohdana Vozniuk – translator
  4. Andrii Pekar – proofreader
  5. Oleksander “ArchmageLuk” Lukianov – translator, contact person
  6. Yanis Verminko – translator, contact person
  7. Tetiana Cherednychok – editor
  8. “Dinadin Cross” – translator
  9. Maria Polishchuk – translator
  10. Yevhen Tkach – translator
  11. Anastasia Zhyshchynska – translator
  12. Pavlo Donchenko – translator
  13. Andrii Serbovets – editor
  14. Yurii «Dragon» – translator
  15. Iryna «Mirina» Makovska – translator
  16. Andrii Kozhushko – editor
  17. Karina “Shidris” Voloshyna – translator
  18. Yulia Hladka – translator, English editor
  19. Anastasia Rantiuk – translator
  20. Oksana Ryvko – translator
  21. Bohdan Peredrii – translator
  22. Tetiana Khvastova – translator
  23. Yevhenia Babchynetska – translator
  24. Maksym Hladkyi – translator
  25. Nazar Kompaniiets – translator
  26. Roman Maniachuk – translator
  27. Ksenia Kozhushko – translator
  28. Olha Sushytska – translator
  29. Iryna Andreieva – proofreader
  30. Roman Hardashuk – translator

Other volunteers

  1. Yevhen Kucherov – voice actor
  2. Маria Deikalo – translator
  3. Andrii Hryha – translator
  4. Yulia Paskar – translator
  5. Mykhailo Hriaznov – translator
  6. Olena Androsiuk — translator
  7. Marika – technical assistant
  8. Anastasia Zaitseva – translator
  9. Anna Havrylei –  translator
  10. Dmytro Holovchenko – translator
  11. Solomia Korol – translator
  12. Dmytro Kheilyk – translator
  13. Yana Zabara – translator
  14. Oleksandra Kutsan – translator
  15. Iryna Selina – translator
  16. Tetiana Shchadylo – translator

Join us

We are always happy to meet new talented and enthusiastic people eager to try their hand at localizing games.

We look for capable translators and proofreaders.

Candidate requirements:

1) excellent knowledge of Ukrainian and English languages;

2) high responsibility;

3) to be able to process at least 1000 words per month;

4) account on Telegram (for communication and discussions).

Contact us to learn more.

Support us

If you do not have time to engage in Ukrainization of games and yet are not indifferent to the topic of the Ukrainian language in games, you can help our cause by supporting us on


or transferr any amount to:

5169 3305 1649 7846

or, use our Creator Tag on Epic Games