Genre: science fiction first person quest game with exploration of the surrounding world.

Plot: You wake up, amnesiac, in a yurt in the Mongolian steppe. What has happened to you? And what is that amusement park in the middle of the steppe?

Developer and publisher: Flying Cafe For Semianimals (Ukraine)

Localization: official, Steam

Voice-over: Omikron studio

Translation finished: October 2014

Size: 20k words

Translated by: Yurii “Shahor” Bisyk, Sviatoslav “Rifleman” Davydenkov, Mariana “Ілюзія” Mazur, Andrii “MelAndr” Melnyk, Oleksa “Snovyda” Melnyk, Kostiantyn “Warrog” Moharychev, Sofia “Selina Sebro” Shul,  Serhii “Aldiz” Skoblei, Ihor “Медихронал” Solodrai.


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