Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Genre: detective, adventure, action.


Publisher: Frogwares

About: Sherlock Holmes was not always the famous detective we know from the books and movies. He started as a bright young man, even if a bit overconfident. In Sherlock Holmes Chapter One he returns to the island of Cordona, the place of his childhood. There he restores his family mansion and solves a number of convoluted crime stories.

Where to purchase: Steam, Epic Games, GOG, PlayStation

Game released: November 16, 2021

Localization: official

Ukrainian localization released: November 16, 2021

Spent time: July 2020 – October 2021

Size: 150,000 words

Voice-over: original

Translated by: Andrii Yatsechko, Tetiana Cherednychok, Olha Sushytska, Sofiia Shul, Bohdana Vozniuk, Andrii Serbovets, Iryna Makovska, Oleksandr Lukianov, Mariia Polishchuk, Oleksii Ivanov, Olia Khmelnytska, Yura Pavliuk, Roman Hardashuk.

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One
5 2 votes
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