The Art of Far Cry 6

 Title: The Art of Far Cry 6

Author: Ubisoft

About: Ubisoft, which is known for its mastery of the development of ideal lights for virtual tourism, offers you to get caught up in the thunderstorms of life in the Cuban-Latin expanse of the island of Yara.

Scenic landscapes, details of the interior, biographies and ordering of heroes, pictures and concepts of characters, as well as scenes and eye techniques – all of these are waiting for you. Do you like to enjoy the nature? There are separate sections with the wide panoramas of Yara for you. Do you like urbanism? In that case, there are some sideways with small landscapes for you. Would you like to expand knowledge about the devices of the internal game light and expand your knowledge? Here is a detailed description of the history of the island, biographies of characters and political colossus of Yara.

The art book offers you a lot of information for any taste, and most importantly, the atmosphere of exotic and rebellious life simply captures you.

Published: December 8, 2021.

Publisher in Ukraine: MAL’OPUS

Online shops: MAL’OPUS, Cosmic Shop, Geekach, Yakaboo, Книгарня Є, Loot Distribution

Size: 15.000 words

Translated by: Roman Hardashuk, Bohdan Peredrii, Tetiana Nepypenko, Sofiia Shul, Tetiana Cherednychok

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The Art of Far Cry 6
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