Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

A role-playing adventure based on Dungeons&Dragons rules.

In 2012, the localization of this project became the beginning of SBT Localization team.

Plot: Bhaal, the Lord of Murder, foresaw his own death and used several mortals to create his descendants. The children of Bhaal don’t look special among other mortals, but the blood of an evil god flows in their veins. The power of unholy blood may help one of them to descend to their father’s throne.

The main character of the game is one of Bhaal’s children, but they do not know about it. Another descendant wants to destroy all his brothers and sisters, in order to become himself the sole heir of the divine throne. In their journey, the main character will meet many adventurers who may form the hero’s travelling party.

Publisher: Beamdog

Localization: official Steam

Voice-over: media studio “Три крапки” (“3 Dots”)

Translation period: July 2012 – August 2014

Size: 663k words

Translation by: Ihor “Медихронал” Solodrai, Oleksa “Snovyda” Melnyk, Sofia “Selina Sebro” Shul, Yurii “Shahor” Bisyk, Volodymyr “Скептик” Strus, Serhii “Aldiz” Skoblei, Kostiantyn “Warrog” Moharychev, Andrii “MelAndr” Melnyk, Mariana “Ілюзія” Mazur, Sviatislav “Rifleman” Davydenkov, as well as volunteers Svitlana, “Bambucha”, Vsevolod, “Bregman”, “Danmer”, “Lemberg”, “Elrond”, “Walter”, Paviel, “Virake”, Andrii Khlopetskyi, Olha, “Danteron”, Yurii, “Deadmisha”, “Electrino”, “Oxana”, “Bellius”, “Demyd”, Vitalii, “Paulus_pdv”, “Fafnir”, Misha.

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