Minecraft: Official Cookbook

Title: Minecraft: Gather, Cook, Eat! Official Cookbook

Author: Tara Theoharis

About: If you’re constantly looking for an excuse to throw a party or try out a new recipe, the session in Minecraft triggers you to create something edible, this book was made for you.
Recipes here are organized not only by the types of dishes (snacks, entrees, desserts, and drinks), but also by the player type, so there is always something tasty for a fighter, or a builder, an explorer or an advancement hunter. For example, Hoglins and Lava, Plains Kebabs, Suspicious Stew, Mooshroom Burger, Husk Tamales, Golden Apple Pie, The Cake, Creeper Cleanse, Potion of Night Vision, TNTea, and other varieties of recipes that are going to fill your kitchen with the finest spirit of Minecraft.
The book itself will come in handy because it contains kitchen measurement conversion charts, and even some kitchen survival tips.

Published: February 29, 2024

Publisher in Ukraine: Mal’opus

Online shops: Mal’opus, Geekach Shop, Хід Конем, Картотека

Size: 18k words

Translated by: Iryna Andrieieva, Anna Chyrva, Natalia Kompaniiets, Dmytro Holovchenko, Sofia Shul, Tetiana Cherednychok.

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