Cyberpunk RED. Easy Mode

 Title: Cyberpunk RED. Easy Mode

Author: R. Talsorian Games

About: This is a quickstart booklet for Cyberpunk RED role system about alternative reality where each person can modify their bodies with cyber implants. The booklet will let you find out more about the Cyberpunk RED events chronology, Night-City, and factions. You’ll also find here the adventure ‘Get paid’, as well as the main game rules, and the set of ready-made characters.

Published: September, 2023

Publisher in Ukraine: Geekach

Online shops: Geekach, Lord of Boards, Ґавіал, Жаба ігор, Gameland, Spielew

Size: 18k words

Translated by: Sofia Shul, Olena Androsiuk, Anastasia Rantiuk, Anna Chyrva, Oleksandr Lukianov, Rostyslav Fedorko, Yevhen Tkach.

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