ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game

Genre: CRPG, exploration, strategy, post-apocalypsis.

Developer: AtomTeam

About: This whole adventure takes place in 1986, somewhere in Soviet Wasteland. Your hero has to unravel a terrible plot that is more life-threatening to Earth than a nuclear war…

Where to purchase: Steam, GOG, Nintendo, Google Play, Xbox, PlayStation

Game released: December 19, 2018

Localization: official

Ukrainian localization released: March 15, 2022 (due to Russian attack to Ukraine most of the developers had to move to a safe place, they added Ukrainian localization a bit sooner than it had been planned, and so we are still working at localization)

Spent time: September 2020 — March 2022 (editing is still in process)

Size: 870,000 words

Voice-over: original

Translated by: Yura “Dragon” Pavliuk, Olha Sushytska, Natalia Andruk, Roman Hardashuk, Oleksii “Stravenger” Ivanov, Olia Khmelnutska, Bohdan Peredrii, Taras Korzhyk, Dinadin Cross, Oleksii Kaliuzhnyi, Rostyslav Fedorko. Volunteers: Mykyta Rivchachenko, Nazar (bicolino34), Olena (seminozhka), Dmytro Boryshpolets, Oleksii Chubei (TatkoUA), Yehor (Akr0ge), Olha Kysil, Serhii (Workers), Vik Pas, Oleh Semaniv, Olesia Spodaryk, Tymofii Lytvynenko (Yaroporuko), miaser, Scuro, Vlad.


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ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game
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