The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook

Title: The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook

Author: Bethesda, Chelsea Monroe-Cassel

About: What are you having for dinner t’day, Dovahkiin? This book holds the best recipies gathered from all of the Tamriel. You don’t need to be the famous Gourmet to prepare ‘Potage Le Magnifique’. Just don’t overdo with exotic seasoning… Nourishing Bosmer snacks and elegant Altmer dishes, tender fondue for sweet toothed Khajiits and spicy shrimps for Argonians, Dunmer Kwama Egg Quiche (the Nerevarine recipe… maybe) and a sweetroll that already conquered half of the empire, the original Nord mead and even skooma! In a nutshell, go and taste that stuff, adventurer. Just don’t forget to watch the skies, traveler.

Published: April 15, 2023

Publisher in Ukraine: Mal’opus

Online shops: Mal’opus, Cosmic Shop, Книгарня Є, Geekach Shop, Наш Формат, Хід Конем, Ideo-grafika

Size: 23,200 words

Translated by: Sofia Shul, Tetiana Cherednychok, Iryna Andrieieva, Iryna Makovska, Bohdana Vozniuk, Maria Polishchuk, Oleksandr Lukianov, Anastasia Zhyshchynska, Rostyslav Fedorko, Anastasia Rantiuk.

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