Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep

Title: Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep

Author: Ales Kot, Piotr Kowalski

About: No sleep on the Night of the Hunt. A never-ending nightmare that one constantly wakes up into. A nameless Hunter is seeking Paleblood to transcend the Hunt. To be freed of the night, and find the death of sleep…

Published: September 14, 2021.

Publisher in Ukraine: MAL’OPUS

Online shops: MAL’OPUS, Cosmic Shop, Geekach, Yakaboo, Книгарня Є, Darius

Size: 3100 words

Translators: Roman Hardashuk, Sofiia Shul, Roman Maniachuk, Anastasiia Zhyshchynska, Tetiana Nepypenko, Oleksii Ivanov, Bohdan Peredrii.

Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep

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