Savage Worlds. Test Drive

 Title: Savage Worlds Test Drive

Author: Pinnacle Entertainment Group

About: Delve deep with your friends into an adventure ‘Blood on the Ridge’ based on the Savage Worlds system. Here you gonna find everything what is needed for a quick game: ready-made characters, power cards and battle rules. You would need to bring a set of dice or download any app that could generate the roll outcomes.

Published: November, 2022

Publisher in Ukraine: Geekach

Online shops: Geekach, Lord of Boards, Ґавіал, Жаба ігор, Gameland

Size: 8k words

Translated by: Yura Pavliuk, Iryna Andrieieva, Sofia Shul, Oleksandr Vlasiuk, Oleksandr Lukianov, Anastasia Rantiuk, Bohdana Vozniuk, Anna Tsvira, Maria Polishchuk.

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