SBT Localization: 9 years!

SBT Localization celebrates 9 years of being a volunteer localization community and 3 years of being a registered non-profit organization

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The first tournament from SBT Localization is officially over

The final of the SBT game streaming tournament turned out to be very hot. Glory to the winners!

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SBT’s Streamer Championship has begun!

SBT Challenge tournament: 10 brilliant Ukraininan streamers are going to make 10 game walkthroughs on Twitch this spring.

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The Last of Us: And Another Art Book!

The Art of The Last of Us: It’s like you found a final piece of a puzzle missing from the whole picture

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Our Achievement in 2021

It’s the traditional time to take a look at the year that’s ending to remember the achievements the SBT team can be proud of.

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Ukrainian localization: October 2021 (#68)

October has been very intense for the SBT Localization. Projects old and new, streams, video calls, podcasts, we’ve had it all this month.

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The Grand Banquet

The herald steps back, bows and waits for Astrenn to come in

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