The Art of Ghost of Tsushima in Ukrainian: Now Available!

Because of language and cultural specifics, it was by no means an easy ride. Here is a glimpse of what we had to deal with.

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The Art of the Last of Us Part II

The cruel and poignant universe in The Art of The Last of Us Part II: a new artbook in Ukrainian translated by SBT Localization

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The Art of Death Stranding in Ukrainian

The Art of Death Stranding is a fascinating art book. Now it is available in Ukrainian language. We are proud of this project!

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SBT Localization Report #59 (August 2020)

The summer is officially over. The weather is still sunny though, which cheers and inspires us to create something great… like new Ukrainian game localizations! Here’s a brief overview of SBT Localization’s August achievements for your consideration.

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The Grand Banquet

The herald steps back, bows and waits for Astrenn to come in

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