Liftoff in Ukrainian: Public Beta

Greetings, everyone! SBT Localization and the Belgian developer of the Liftoff FPV drone simulator game Lugos Studios have good news for you. The Ukrainian translation of the game’s interface has entered Public Beta and is already available. The Liftoff devs originally haven’t planned to add foreign languages to their product, so certain solutions have been developed specifically for the Ukrainian version. We are aware of the problematic parts of this version and are already working on fixing them and filling the gaps.

How to add Ukrainian language to Liftoff

Select Settings in your Steam client (1), go to Testing and select the drop-down menu (2), then choose the last option: ukraine_beta – Beta build with uk language support.

After updating, select Options > Game > Display language in Game Settings and choose Ukrainian.

Why should you buy Liftoff?

The features of Liftoff include the virtual drone configuration workshop, real drone models (i. e. DJI fpv), the ability to connect pilots on a map into a single network (easier for the instructor to control what is happening), and the integrated tutorial, which was significantly expanded upon in the later versions.

Additionally, there is a useful DLC called Slipstream.

This DLC adds additional moving objects to several maps — RC wings, planes, and cars, as well as an industrial dump truck.

Chase sports cars and try to hit the dump truck’s gas tank. Crashing the drone can also be fun…

Have fun and Slava Ukraini!

UPDATE: While we were boasting of Ukrainian beta, devs have added the localization officialy! Liftoff available in Ukrainian! – Steam News. So hurry up and buy this great drone game, and remember to say developers “thank you”, they’ll sure appreciate it.

Yevhen Tkach

Translated by Yurii Bisyk

March 21, 2023

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Liftoff in Ukrainian: Public Beta
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