SBT Localization: 9 years!

Today, on the 16th of July 2021, SBT Localization celebrates its ninth year of being a volunteer localization community and a third year of being a registered non-profit organization. You had supported us both with your likes and kind words and (quite substantially) with your Patreon pledges. And for that we are extremely grateful, thank you guys so much.

We have grown as a team and expanded our field. While we still do enjoy localizing games as our main focus, we have not stayed away from printed books as well, especially if this involves videogame artbooks.

On more recent news, it was really nice to hear that Streets of Rage 4 received a DLC that includes Ukraininan localization as well…

…and that MAL’OPUS has released the “The Art of God of War” book:

We hope that you`ll enjoy these games and books at least as much as we have while translating them.

The team has grown quite large, with almost all of the parts of the country having their representatives in our ranks, as well as people from across the border, such as Canada, the UK, the USA, and Vietnam.

We got 30 girls and 17 guys, so you could technically call us a more of a “girl” team, with 47 in total. We’re always eager for new localization opportunities and are happy to get new members.

Together with Yurii Bisyk we belong to the oldest part of the team, being witness to its creation and growth from a small group of just six translators that had to literally fight for every new localization, taking almost anyone in (as we were very well aware how hard it is to do this work on a volunteer basis) just to make sure that we could make it as fast as possible. So with that being said, it is extra satisfying to see how the team has grown both in number and professionally, reaching its new heights. And so I say “Thank you!” to my colleagues from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work they’ve been putting in and all the time and effort that took, so that more game worlds could be localized. I am proud of you all and wish you the most inspiration, a translator’s wit and exciting projects to be had.

Happy birthday, SBT team! The ukrainization of game worlds marches on!

Sofia Shul

June 16, 2021


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SBT Localization: 9 years!
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