The Sinking City

Genre: horror, thriller, detective, adventure.

Developer: Frogwares.

Plot: The Sinking City is an open-world adventure and investigation game, inspired by the universe of H. P. Lovecraft. Charles Reed, a private investigator, comes to a half-submerged city of Oakmont searching for the source of his visions and ends up in the center of mysterious supernatural events.

Release date: June 27, 2019

Localization: official on Epic Games

Localization release date: June 27, 2019

The translation period: August 2018 – December 2018

Text volume: about 108 000 words

Dubbing: none (English)

Translators: Andrii Pekar, Tetiana Cherednychok, Andrii Serbovets, Bohdana Vozniuk, Tetiana Kaliuzhna, Oleksandr Lukianov, Oleksii Ivasenko, Yurii Bisyk, Andrii Yatsechko, Oksana Bukanova, Olia Khmelnytska, Maksym Duvanov, Bohdan Peredrii, Yevhen Tkach, Oleksii Ivanov, Oleksandra Kutsan, Pavlo Donchenko.

Behind the scenes of The Sinking City Ukrainian localization

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