The first tournament from SBT Localization is officially over

«TypHpHa Ta6лиuR Place Team 2 Dithomon (2). blackOleh_UA (10) Games (total) DPaladin (10). ultramarinua (1) 10 (12) Time 4 M3lk1n (5), BigDrifterMen (10) 5 10(11) (11) er_leke (0), PanHooHa (2) 12:10:31 12:19:35 10(15) pad0n (2),LunarShadow_ua 2(2) 15:02:22 2(4) 01:46:58 03:27:26»

We would like to thank all the participants, especially those who fought for the victory, because they set the mood for many fans.

We truly thank all the founders of the additional prize fund as you give the additional motivation for the players.

And many thanks to all the spectators and fans. You also motivated the players to win by your presence.

The results are as follows:

1st place. Dithomon and blackOleh_UA. Prize 1,000 UAH from SBT Localization + UAH 5,600 from the founders of the prize fund;

2nd place. DPaladin and ultramarine. Prize 3360 UAH from the founders of the prize fund;

3rd place. M3lk1n and BigDrifterMen. Prize 2240 UAH from the founders of the prize fund.

And also to each of the participants we give a mug with the logo “SBTournament”.

На зображенні може бути: чашка для кави

Let’s note our sponsors (founders of the prize fund who donated more than 500 UAH): Public and Static, duckmale, WerewolfThunder, anonymous, UnlocTeam, Ivan Budzuliak, devolik, Seiko, Fan #1, Eared.

Results and all thanks are on the tournament web page (

I would like to apologize to the fans for the problems during the organization of the tournament. This especially affected the coverage of the tournament and communication with fans in general. The exact end time of the tournament was announced only in the chat of the tournament participants on May 20, so many fans were dissatisfied, saying that the end of the tournament was deliberately postponed to give a chance to the second team to prepare. In fact, it was not so. The tournament was extended until the end of the month to merge the final of the tournament and the beginning of the summer into one day, and to give the 4th and 5th teams a chance to finish all the games (which, unfortunately, they did not use). The second team had enough time to prepare for May 27. I am sure that their final performance was postponed to May 31 solely for tactical reasons in order not to leave rivals time to rectify the situation.

The final of the tournament turned out to be very hot. The DPaladin and Ultramarinua team claimed the first place. Ultramarinua took the lead for the first time in the competition on the last day and improved the team’s SUPERHOT result by 6 minutes to gain the lead. Nonetheless, the final act was a doublet of Dithomon and blackOleh_UA. Dithomon slightly improved the team result in Limbo, and blackOleh_UA almost perfectly passed Figment and put the team in first place. This step was very risky for the Dithomon and blackOleh_UA team. We know that no one is safe from internet outages, power outages or simple glitches with software on the gaming platform. blackOleh_UA chose the tactics of the final blow in the last seconds of the tournament and walked on the edge. However, as it’s said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

We are sure that the next tournaments will be much better than this one. They will definitely be shorter (3-4 games instead of 10), they will have more participants, they will not be divided into teams, and they will have 3 test attempts per game instead of one. And this will allow the organizers to improve the coverage of the tournament and communication with the fans. We also consider other non-speed competitions. So stay tuned and keep an eye on our ads. The next tournament is scheduled most likely for September.

P.S. In a few weeks, also expect interesting material based on the first SBT Localization tournament.

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The first tournament from SBT Localization is officially over
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