What kind of people does SBT Localization need?

We are always in need of new translators and editors and would be happy to invite you into the team, provided that you possess the minimum necessary skills and knowledge.

Do I need to have any experience?

While having experience in translation/localization is definitely a plus, it is not a requirement. Students are more than welcome to apply.

Experience using the Crowdin tool is preferred as well, however there is nothing in its use that cannot be taught.

What are the main qualifications?

1) High level of both English and Ukrainian proficiency;

2) Being responsible and attentive to detail;

3) Telegram or Discord (for communication, Telegram is preferred);

4) Being able to process at least 2,000 words per month;

NOTE! We would like you to check your qualifications with the help of this TEST. Its purpose is to familiarize our potential candidates with some examples of game material, containing various (but not all) problems for them to overcome and provide some insight into the complexity of the tasks ahead.

A bit about the test

1) The tasks are compiled by our editors based on the most common errors made by the translators and other issues that a game translator has to deal with during their daily work.

2) Consulting the Web during the test is not only permitted, but is heavily encouraged as well.

3) If you find the task to be too complex, as you can’t make anything out without context or it’s a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo and you have no idea what to do with it – you’re totally right. It’s supposed to be that way. Welcome to hell.

4) Don’t rush it, be sure to read the tasks carefully and consider your options. It’s not a race.

So I passed the test. Now what?

If you have managed to score at least 25 points during the test, feel free to visit our Contacts page and drop us a message. We will get in touch with you to issue a test translation.