Ukrainian Localization: Report #65 (April-May 2021)


Some of you are already planning summer vacation, some are still doing their exams. However, we believe that you’ll find a minute to be intrigued by the accomplishment of Ukrainian localization, especially the affairs of the SBT Localization team.

Ukrainian Games Localization


Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition — 77% translated.

We have overtaken the Chinese and the Spanish, and despite a large gap (about 72,000 words), we are trying to catch up with the next participants in this titanic pursuit.

We’d like to highlight the activity of translators: Iryna Makovska, Alice Chester, Tetiana Khvastova, Solomiia Kotiai, Roman Maniachuk.

Into the Breach — translation passed the 35% mark. We remind you that this is going to be an unofficial mod which will add Ukrainian language to the game, just as it was before with FTL: Faster Than Light.

Thanks again to Taras Korzhyk, who is actively working on the translation of this space entertainment.

Atom RPG — almost everyone translates this game. For now the progress is 44%. Rostyslav Fedorko was quite active here.

Join  as well. You just need to have Telegram for connection purposes.

Streets of Rage 4 — we are preparing a translation of additional content, so look for something new in your favorite game. Special thanks to Yura Dragon for working on the project.


Armello — 94% edited. There is just a tad left!

Many thanks to Tetiana Nepypenko for proofreading the translation.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance — there wasn’t much time left for editing, unfortunately, but + 2% was added (about 20 thousand words). Sofiia Shul was a main contributor.

Banner Saga 3 — 78% edited. Yurii Bisyk is slowly moving the case towards his goal.

In addition, the editors are now refining another secret project, which should be released this year.


Let’s seek for adventures!

Yurii Bisyk creates adventures for fans of the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Our donators will be the first to try them on  Patreon , and public download will be available in a few days.

The first adventure was released in May: “ Overcoming Probabilities “. Furthermore, at the time of the report’s release, a second one appeared in the public domain: “In Search of Glory”. And there is still to come.

For convenience, the adventures will be posted later on our website, most likely somewhere next to the  D&D dictionary .


Get ready for new awesome books from  MAL’OPUS  publishing house. All of them can be pre-ordered on the publisher’s website.

The Art of God of War

Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep comics

Friends. Official Cookbook

Of course, there will be a giveaway of all these books as soon as they come out.


Congratulations to the champions of SBTournament!

In May  the SBTournament  for high-speed video games ended. The winners were  Dithomon  and  blackOleh_UA. Our sincere congratulations!

As a souvenir of the event, all participants will receive mugs (we will send it as soon as everyone gives their addresses).

Thanks to everyone who was interested in this event, supported the participants, and replenished the additional prize fund.

UTICamp-2021, wait for us!

On July 19-25, the annual conference of translators  UTICamp  will take place, where Tetiana Cherednychok will talk about the translation of video games.

In May, Tatiana also took part in the international conference  MultiMeDialecTranslation 8 , organized by Kaunas University (Lithuania). We are waiting for a video of the performance.

Art book’s journey

When we received a copy of the “The World of Cyberpunk 2077” art book as a gift from the Vovkulaka publisher, we decided to make a souvenir out of it and sent it to the translators who worked on it. Read the  A Cyberpunk Story  to see what was the outcome.

Context needed

Yanis Verminko released the first podcast: Context needed.

Such material will not be published often. However, in case it will, it’ll be related to the issues that concern translators.


In addition to the above, there were also articles:

Problems of Czech Localization: Professional and Amateur  (Ukr)

 About the “The Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy” art book

We hope you enjoyed reading them.


In April, we gave the following games: Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition; Total Tank Simulator; PC Building Simulator; Not Tonight; Tales of the Neon Sea; Outward + The Soroboreans and Outward Soundtrack; Moving Out; Deleveled; WWE 2K BATTLEGROUNDS; Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince; Boomerang Fu; “The Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy:” art book x 5 pcs .; METRO trilogy; the S.T.A.L.K.E.R trilogy; the Syberia trilogy; Darksiders 3; Yakuza Kiwami 2; Overcoocked 2; ELEX; Valkyria Chronicles 4; Outward; Children of Morta; The Beast Inside; Struggling; This Land is My Land; Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest; Lovecraft’s Untold Stories; The Wild Eight; Train Station Renovation.

In May we gifted: Peaky Blinders: Mastermind; Hotshot Racing; Kingdom Two Crowns; ELEX; Ageless; Pesterquest; F1® 2020; Wildfire; Don’t Starve Together.

Follow us on  Facebook ,  Twitter ,  Telegram ,  Instagram  and win prizes.


As usual, Yura Dragon streamed interesting games, including ones with Ukrainian localization, such as Valheim.

Recordings will be available later on  YouTube .

Subscribe to our  Twitch  channel so you don’t miss broadcasts of  Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Chaos Wastes  or Borderlands 3.


Two wonderful and responsible people joined official SBT Localization team:

Oleksandr Vlasiuk

Alice Chester

We sincerely welcome you and wish you inspiration, interesting projects, and well-paid work!

Hall of Fame

On behalf of the  Shlyakbytraf  team, we truly thank those who worked most actively on volunteer projects in April and May for the glory of Ukrainian localization:

  • Tetiana Nepypenko
  • Iryna Makovska
  • Alice Chester
  • Taras Korzhyk
  • Tetiana Khvastova
  • Bohdan Peredrii
  • Kateryna Korniienko
  • Roman Maniachuk
  • Oleksandr Vlasiuk
  • Rostyslav Fedorko
  • Yurii Bisyk
  • Sofiia Shul
  • Solomiya Kotiai
  • Yevheniia Babchynetska

We also thank the active members of  SBT Localization team, who contributed to the development of our business in other ways:

  • Yanis Verminko
  • Ivan Yankovyi
  • Sofiia Shul
  • Yura Dragon
  • Yurii Bisyk
  • Tetiana Cherednychok
  • Roman Hardashuk
  • Oleksii Ivanov
  • Tetiana Nepypenko
  • Yuliia Hladka
  • Olia Khmelnytska

Join Us!

SBT Localization  always enjoys new talented, enthusiastic people who want to join the Ukrainianization of the universe. Try your hand at the  translator test, then if you succeed, write to us via the contact  form  or search for SBT Localization pages and chats:  Facebook,  Twitter,  Discord,  Instagram,  Mastodon.

If you do not have enough time to to do the localization work yourselves but are willing to help bring the Ukrainian language to games, you can support us in a way you like:

1) become our patron on  Patreon ;

2) transfer any amount to account  5169 3305 1649 7846  (PrivatBank, recipient Ivanov Oleksii) or  5357 4115 0001 2666  (Monobank, recipient Yankovyi Ivan). Be sure to include your name and last name in the description field (sometimes the bank does not show the sender’s information), so we will know whom to thank.

Our Thanks

We truly thank everyone who supported the  SBT Localization team in  April-May  on Patreon and in other ways. We wish you and your families health, success and prosperity!






100 UAH

Ivan Buderkevich


Volodymyr Pohrebnyak, naloii, Roman Shturm, Serhii Salnykov, Artem Kushch, Mary Augstkalns, Anton Bubnov, Taras Korzhyk, Rascher, Ivan Dziubyshyn, Dmytro Derevianko, Andrii Krasnychuk, Kurdyshmyak, Taras Kovtun, Oleksandr dordaderabar, Yaroslav Urbanevych, Bohdan Rutylo, oebouiu, Andrii Malakhov, Roman Lysenko, Maksym Khvastov, Oleksii Ivanov, Andrii Kozhushko, Andrii Kozhushko, Oleksandra Kutsan, Oleksandr Lukianov, Tetiana Cherednychok, Pavlo Donchenko, Yurii Brehman, Taras Syniuk, Mis’ko, Iryna Makovska.


Bohdan Krasniakov, Andriy exmolution, Vladylena Matvienko, Oleh darcklion, amigo1995kot, Novster, Vasyl Stokolosa, Oleksandr Bohomaz, olesxander, Stepan VoronXVI, Dmytro Kyrychuk, Kirito Kadzuto, Nazar Kompaniiets, Andrii Ilkiv, Maksym Gladky, Stas Makar, Volodymyr Zhuk, Jarlaxle Baenre, Volodymyr Hryhorash, Eduard Spirkin, Andrii Serbovets, Vasyl Nabochenko.



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Ukrainian Localization: Report #65 (April-May 2021)
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