The Mighty Five

A sack rolled

from the high hill

and it had…


Wow, what a magic sack rolled to SBT Localization! What’s in it? Not ‘what’ but ‘who’! Mighty heroes-translators!

They are:

The Hero #1

Iryna Mirina. Soft kitty from the Poppy blossom mystical field. The beauty which goes into translation.

Special skills:

  • +10% to translation speed;
  • +5% to a chance to soothe inattentive editor to sleep





The Hero #2

Bohdana Kovalska. Not a single translation can resist her heavy hummer. Let’s work hard!

Special skills:

  • +10% to translation speed;
  • the guardian of editors’ phylactery*

*phylactery is an item where lich holds its soul.




The Hero #3

Smart Oksana. Smart is a lifestyle. Either you are in Ukraine — the land of glorious Zaporozhian Cossacks or in some godforsaken Sweden, always be smart.

Special skills:

  • +10% to translation speed;
  • teleports when allied team of translators calls for help



The Hero #4

Andrii. Stubbornly wears fur coat in case of sudden winter. Actually Andrii hides a lot of translational experience and a credential letter under his coat.

Special skills:

  • +10% to translation speed;
  • hit translations on-the-fly


The Hero #5

Larysa Sych. Knows a lot of tales about brave translators. Not a single cool project can hide from her hard look.

Special skills:

  • +10% to translation speed at night time;
  • appears only at midnight.

These are our heroes — Powerful Quintet! Let’s pick this rock of localization as the classicist said. On behalf of SBT Localization team we wish all of you every success and inspiration.

June 23, 2018

The Mighty Five

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