SUMMER CATCHERS: SBT Localization is out to catch summer!

SBT Localization is proud to announce another project touched by its mighty hand!

This time, we helped indie developer FaceIT polish the Ukrainian strings for their cute road trip side-scroller Summer Catchers and make them more concise and fluid.

The devs were totally stoked about the result:

We did realize that many of our game’s strings could use some paraphrasing, general improvement and conciseness, but it came as a total surprise that so much could be done on that front 🙂 There were also certain disputable points, mostly when it came to the game’s menu. But that was something we needed to discuss internally, too. All in all, the edited text was so concise and on-point that it kept us wondering why we couldn’t write it that way ourselves!
Face IT


Summer Catchers is an arcade side-scroller about a little girl named Chu that chases summer in her little wooden car, overcoming every obstacle in her way. Although seemingly simplistic, the game is full of truly great moments.

We wish FaceIT great and breathtaking projects and hope to keep helping them bring their games to the Ukrainian audience. And we are all looking forward to Summer Catchers release!

Kudos to Andrii Serbovets and Tetyana Cherednychok for editing and proofreading the Ukrainian strings for the game, and a special shout-out to Andrii Pekar for inspiration and administrative support!


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