The dragon sat on the terrace
Had some tea and ate a vase…*

(*this fragment of the poem for kids by I.Malkovych was translated by Tetiana Cherednychok)

No-no, it is not about that dragon, who flew to SBT yesterday.

That artful as a barrel of monkeys Mister Firkraagson looked narrowly to the translation team for some time, but as all the dragons he was very impatient and ambitious; that is why he even did not think about joining the line of the candidates, who lined up at the SBT mail politely looking for translational happiness. No, he spied on the SBT presidence and waited for the right time to attack, when nobody expected.

“Give me my test assignment or I’ll eat you alive!” — the dragon roared as wrathily as possible. In fact, he wasn’t going to eat somebody, he just wanted to try his hand at videogame translation, because videogames are his passion. Some dragons collect gold, this odd fire-breathing fellow collects videogames.

How is it possible to say ‘no’ to a dragon? He will gulp the whole SBT localization team without choking. And who will translate nice games and make this all up for you? That is how SBT got its own dragon-translator. He ordered to call him only Yura Dragon.

Well, let’s greet our new translator! We wish you every success and inspiration.


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