SBT’s Streamer Championship has begun!

Honourable Ukraininan gamers! We have a great announcement for you! 10 brilliant Ukraininan streamers are going to make 10 game walkthroughs on Twitch this spring. 5 teams with 2 streamers in each are going to compete for a prize pool totalling to 1000 UAH from SBT Localization Team’. And we hope for additional prize money that is going to be collected with the help of SBT Challenge’s spectators.

Meet our heroic streamers!

So who are those nicest people that decided to take part in competition and entertain you with a bunch of speedrun hours?

Team 1

Here comes Dark Paladin, famously known for his noice greets and streams. He shares the team with a bearded member of PlayUA, Roman Berehovyi aka UltramarinUa.

Team 2

Melkin (M3lk1n) well-known for his long marathons and cosplays is going to cooperate with one of the oldest streamers and letsplayers of Ukraininan YouTube and Twitch, BigDrifterMen (Drifter).

Team 3

Joyful and sociable Dithomon will share the competition happiness with like-minded Black Oleh that is recognizable for his Guitar Hero broadcasts and charming fan arts of other streamers.

Team 4

Vitalii Tarnavskyi aka Erleke or er_leke is another bearded PlayUA member, also a rather ancient letsplayer of Ukraininian YouTube. He will unite efforts with the smartest streamer of Ukrainian Twitch, (well, he looks kinda smart) Sir Hooha (PanHooHa) from Hoohaforest.

Team 5

The most prominent streamer and letsplayer Padon (pad0n) that was the pioneer of Let’s Plays on Ukraininan YouTube. He is going to aid breathtaking LunarShadow to gain victory in this championship.


To become the leader of the championship our teams should finish all 10 games faster than others. The games are listed below:


2. AER: Memories of Old

3. Figment (Ukr. available)

4. Journey


6. Limbo (Ukr. available)

7. Rime (Ukr. available)

8. RUINER (Ukr. available)

9. Superhot

10. The Bridge (Ukr. available)

About the prize pool

If you wish to increase the tournament prize fund you may transfer 50 UAH on our page of “Diaka’ service (

Each person that is going to donate will be invited to the Telegram or/and Discord chat where the competition events are going to be discussed, infographics will be published so that you are up-to-date with the news. Once the championship is over we are going to conduct a speedrun contest of one of the mentioned games. Those who donated will be able to participate and show those streamers how you beat them! Donation alerts will be depicted on participants’ streams. Do not forget to contact us via social network or through the Contacts page on our site, so that we could add you to the chats.

If you want to become a sponsor of the tournament, the prize pool increase by 500 UAH will allow your logo and information to appear on the competition’s page of SBT web site and at the final press release when the tournament is over. If you are going to increase the prize pool by 1000 UAH, the above mentioned bonuses apply but additionally your logo will appear near the tournament’s logo during the streams. We would like to remind you not forget to contact us via social network or through the Contacts page on our web site.

How do I find news about the tournament?

All relevant information will be available on the competition’s page and social networks.


Let’s wish the best of LUCK to the participants of the championship, wonderful impressions and positive emotions to our spectators!

Join the streams, support and root for your favourite steamers.

March 17, 2021

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SBT’s Streamer Championship has begun!
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