SBT Localization Team at Science Festival

On May 22, SBT Localization visited Science Festival at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University. Our Tetiana Cherednychok taught master class to Borys Grinchenko University first- and third-year students and guests on video games localization peculiarities.

Read about the previous master class here.

“I didn’t expect the audience to be so large, there were no empty seats in the room. Even teachers visited the lecture,” Tetiana says.

“I introduced SBT Localization Team to the students, its activity and projects, talked about the inside of localization such as technical peculiarities and literary difficulties. Students told me, that they were always wondering how the process of localization is organized but they had no idea how interesting and responsible the work of localizator is.”

“We also talked about video games as text and software product, analyzed localization algorithm and studied a few examples from our localization experience. I also showed how is better not to translate. For afters we tried to translate something together.”

“At the end of the lecture students asked some questions and thanked for interesting material.”

In conclusion we can say that the Universe ukrainization marches on step by step and became more interesting for Ukrainian youth. Nevertheless we have to do a lot of work in informing because the field of localization as well as the video games still have a lot of stereotypes.

Special thanks for pictures to Inna Andrushchenko and Andrii Kozachuk.

Read also: Videogames localization peculiarities articles (Ukr) by Tetiana Cherednychok.

May 23, 2019

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SBT Localization Team at Science Festival
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