A Warlike Cornflower

What do you think about looking at the blue flowers of a cornflower? How tender the flower is, what delicate petals it has and so on, right? But can you imagine that in fact these delicate petals are the sharp swords which are hidden by crafty warrioress?..

Warrioress, that’s right. Heroic warrioress named Shidris the Cornflower is always there, where the brave translator is needed. And here she came to SBT Localization Team. Beware of her sword!

“Why don’t you write it like in the glossary?!” — Bang!

“What kind of a bone-head translated like that?!” — Bang!

“I will establish order here!” — Bang! Bang! Bang!

It is possible to conquer and translate everything. Greet the new Warrioress in the ranks of the translation army of SBT Team — Karina “Shidris” Voloshyna! We wish you success and inspiration and a lot of translational trophies! Good luck translating!

June 30, 2018

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A Warlike Cornflower
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