Ukrainian Localization: January 2022 (#69)

Greetings, friends!

We hope that it’s a good year for you this far. As a matter of fact, winter is almost over and spring mood becomes stronger each day. Anyway, while you prepare yourselves for Valentine’s Day, we’ll briefly tell you how it’s going in the fields of Ukrainian localization and our January achievements particularly.

Ukrainian localization of video games

What’s good?

Microft’s Pride DLC for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One was released in January.

We won’t tell anything specific to avoid spoilers, let’s just say that the DLC adds some new cases for Sherlock to solve.

Also, considering the fact we’ll probably have to wait years for the official updates for the text for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and its huge Siege of Dragonspear DLC, we decided to make a temporary mod with corrections.

Of course, the corrections don’t cover everything because there is a lot of text, but we’ll update the mod from time to time. And surely we’ll delete it as soon as the developers release the official update. You can download the mod here. Be sure to carefully read the instructions before installation.

Translation in progress

And that’s not all the news on Baldur’s Gate. A huge project, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition, is going to be done soon. We finished the main text (1,2 mln words) last year and we’re currently working on the text of additional content that includes Throne of Bhaal and The Black Pits II: Gladiators of Thay DLCs.

The new content consists of 400,000 words – a third part of the main game’s text (for reference, there are almost as many words in Siege of Dragonspear as in the main text of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition – over 500,000 words to be specific). The current translation progress is 65%. Andrii Hryha and Bohdan Peredrii were the most active translators of January.

The translation progress of Undungeon goes quite well. Currently, 76% of the text is translated.

Context is very important for a good translation, therefore it’s great to have an opportunity to contact the developers and clarify some details. Luckily, this is the case for Undungeon – a representative of the developers willingly joined the project chat. He always gives translators swift answers and comments to help us to create precise and high-quality Ukrainian localization.

Solomiia Kotiai and Tetiana Khvastova were the most productive translators of this project this month.

Translation of Darkest Dungeon moves not so fast because it will be a Ukrainian localization mod and most of our time we dedicate to official localizations. Yet, it doesn’t mean that the translation process stopped dead. Slowly but surely we’re translating it as well.

The current translation progress is 22%. And Dmytro Holovchenko was the most active translator.

Editing in progress

Editing of the text is probably the most important stage since user’s impressions from the game pretty much depend on an editor (and a poor-quality text can ruin an impression even despite perfect gameplay). And if a translator can get away with an extra comma or a misspelling, there will be rotten tomatoes thrown at an editor (because how can they miss that in the text!)

Our editors have edited over 40 thousand words of Kingdom Come: Deliverance in January. Current progress is 28%, Sofiia Shul was the most active editor.

Also, the translation of Tales of the Neon Sea was done and the editors already have edited 28% of the text. Taras Korzhyk and Olia Khmelnytska were the most active editors on this project.

The editing progress of Atom RPG text is approximately 30%. Yura Dragon and Nataliia Andruk are in charge of the editing.

We didn’t have time to work on Into the Breach, therefore the editing hasn’t moved forward since last month – it’s still at 42%. It’s worth mentioning again that this is going to be a Ukrainian localization mod (unless the developers won’t change their mind before it’s done).

We’ve edited 78% of Banner Saga 3 text. It will be a Ukrainian localization mod as well since the developers changed their minds and decided not to support additional localizations and closed the project. Yurii Bisyk and Bohdana Vozniuk were the most active on this project.


In January, Vovkulaka publishing house announced the release of the comic book Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team. So it’s high time to make a pre-order. By the way, there will be a limited edition of the comic book with an alternative cover.

And while you consider the purchase, you should also take a look at the artbook-encyclopedia The World of Cyberpunk 2077.

Furthermore, we’ve worked on another nice book you’ll definitely like.



In December, Lviv Translators Forum organized a series of lectures where translators from different industries and various specializations shared their experiences. SBT Localization was invited to the event and it was a perfect opportunity to share our experience in video games and comic books translation. A month later, organizers shared the video of the lecture which is now available on our educational YouTube channel SBT Education.


There were a lot of giveaways for our subscribers in January. Here are some of the staff we gave away: artbooks The Art of the Last of Us Part II and The Last of Us. American Dreams, neck gaiter with our logo, WWE 2K BATTLEGROUNDS; Fort Triumph; Kingdom Two Crowns; FRAMED Collection; F1® 2020; Neon Abyss; Röki; West of Dead; Wildfire; Skully; Peaky Blinders: Mastermind; John Wick Hex; Guts and Glory; Pesterquest.

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Hall of Fame

On part of the SBT team, we give our most sincere gratitude to those who were the most active in their work for the glory of Ukrainian localization:

  • Yura Dragon
  • Sofia Shul
  • Natalia Andruk
  • Taras Korzhyk
  • Solomia Kotyai
  • Andrii Hryha
  • Bohdan Peredrii
  • Anna Tsvira
  • Tetiana Khvastova
  • Oleksandr Vlasiuk
  • Olha Sushytska

We also give our thanks to other active members of the team who have participated in our efforts on a different level:

  • Oleksii Ivanov
  • Dmytro Holovchenko
  • Yulia Hladka
  • Yanis Verminko
  • Yura Dragon
  • Yurii Bisyk
  • Tetiana Cherednychok
  • Sofia Shul
  • Ivan Yankovyi
  • Roman Hardashuk
  • Yevhen Tkach

Join Us!

SBT Localization  always enjoys new talented, enthusiastic people who want to join the Ukrainianization of the universe. Try your hand at the  translator test, then if you succeed, write to us via the contact  form  or search for SBT Localization pages and chats:  Facebook,  Twitter,  Discord,  Instagram,  Mastodon.

If you do not have enough time to to do the localization work yourselves but are willing to help bring the Ukrainian language to games, you can support us in a way you like:

1) become our patron on  Patreon ;

2) transfer any amount to account 4731 1856 1396 5158 (PrivatBank, recipient Sofia Shul), or  5357 4115 0001 2666  (Monobank, recipient Ivan Yankovyi). Be sure to include your name and last name in the description field (sometimes the bank does not show the sender’s information), so we will know whom to thank.

Our Thanks

We truly thank everyone who supported the  SBT Localization team in December and January on Patreon and in other ways. We wish you and your families health, success and prosperity!







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February 13, 2022

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Ukrainian Localization: January 2022 (#69)
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