Ukrainian localization. August – September 2021 (#67)

Greetings, friends!

Autumn came to us with cold rains and winter is tiptoeing closer to us, while we are moving closer to the end of our Baldur’s Gate translation… Sounds too good to be true? Yet it is!

Now, let’s start from the beginning…

Ukrainian Game Localization


Our awesome team with the project manager Roman Hardashuk has finished translation and proofreading of Armello videogame.

However, game developers are reluctant to add Ukrainian localization, saying they will do this in the nearest possible future. We do hope that this future will really be the nearest one, and in the meantime, we would like to thank all the members of the localization team who’ve done a great job: Roman Hardashuk, Taras Korzhyk, Tetiana Nepypenko, Victoria Farenyk, Olia Khmelnytska, Evhenia Babchynetska, Yulia Paskar, Anna Havrylei, Oleksandr Lykianov, Dinadin, Dmytro Holovchenko, Mykhailo Hriaznov, Kateryna Korniienko.

The text with the approximate number of 132 000 words had been in progress since August 2020 and was finished after nearly a year of hard work.


Moreover, we had a chance to proofread the localization of another game, but will be able to share the news a bit later, when the completed localization is added.


Banner Saga 3 — interface, description and other parts of the main text have been finished. Yurii Bisyk has translated this part (approx. 69 000 words) with the help of Bohdana Vozniuk and Olia Khmelnytska.

We started editing the dialogues at the end of August and have completed 20% of the total word count of 65 000 words by now. While this localization project is not supported by developers anymore, we will still be able to add a non-official localization, after editing is completed.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The part with 207 000 words has been proofread, however the work is not going as fast as we would like it to. The main contributors to this project are Sofiia Shul, Tetiana Cherednychok and Olha Sushytska. This is an official localization and even now players can select Ukrainian language in the menu. The proofreaded version will be added soon.

Into the Breach — 93% translated, 30% edited (the text has approx. 57 000 words). While we are kicking the translator who’s kicking the last part of this text, Taras Korzhyk and Iryna Andrieieva are working on the proofreading.

This is going to be a non-official localization, just as FTL: Faster Than Light, because the developers team is too small to stick to all wishes of the players’ community.

Projects in progress

We have already said that we’re moving to the end of the Baldur’s Gate localization, haven’t we? Well, that’s no exaggeration. Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition is 93% translated, which is an impressive amount of about 1 100 000 words. There’s just a tad left! Cool news, right? Here’s a funny thing, though… Turns out, there’s additional content with 400 000 words in total. This is not a big deal, though, and we’ll surely cope with it.

Many thanks to Anna Chyrva, Yanis Verminko, Anna Tsvira, Oleksandr Vlasiuk, Rostyslav Fedorko, and Solomiia Kotiai, who were working actively during August and September.

The translation of Atom RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game is going quite well. We have almost 99% completed: male part with a word count of 708 000 words in total. After that we will have a female part of the text with approx.128 000 words.

If you’d like to join us, let us know and make sure you have Telegram to stay in touch with the coordinator.

There’s one more project we have started working on: There Is No Light. The game is being developed, the text is being send part-by-part and there is no possibility to pre-order it yet, however you may add it to your wishing list now. The main contributors of this new localization project are Yura Dragon and Bohdan Peredrii.


MAL’OPUS Publishing House

Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep comic, based on Bloodborne, has been released. We have an article sharing details of the translation process: Translate Bloodborne to Trandscedent the Hunt.

You are welcome to pre-order it or purchase some of the other books that we translated:

«Світ гри Far Cry 6»

«Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Пісня слави. Том 1»

«Світ гри Horizon Zero Dawn»

Webcomic Outsider

The Outsider webcomic by Jim Francis has been recently updated and localized up to pages 161—169.

You are welcome to visit the project’s webpage here  and check all the updates.


We’re happy to share the wide range of curiosities – bet you’ll be like a kid in a candy store, and so are we…


In August we’ve given away the following: Control Standard Edition; Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3; Evoland Legendary Edition; Forager; Lethal League Blaze; Tropico 6 – El Prez Edition; Endless Space 2; Ikenfell; Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse; Golf With Your Friends + Caddypack DLC + OST; Metro Exodus; This War of Mine; The Shapeshifting Detective; The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters; Rover Mechanic Simulator; Estonian Children Poems х 2.

In September we’ve given away: Bloodborne: Глибина сну х 4 + Bloodborne для PS4; Moving Out; Sunless Bundle (Sunless Skies + Sunless Sea); Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3; Forager; Fun with Ragdolls: The Game; DIRT 5; ENCODYA; Yakuza 3 Remastered; We Need to Go Deeper; Orwell: Ignorance is Strength; Bee Simulator; Nowhere Prophet; ELDERBORN; Deadly Days; Swag and Sorcery.

Follow us on FacebookTwitter, Telegram, Instagram to stay updated and participate in giveaways.


About The Art of God of War translation, its stumbling blocks and sticking points: God of War: коли боги по землі ходили

About «Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep» translation specifics check out here: Translate Bloodborne to Trandscedent the Hunt.

M’Aiq knows much

Travelling storyteller M’Aiq has shared some of his cat’s knowledge about the English idiom put the lie to. You may read the meaning of it and examples of using this idiom in context here: Англійські підказки.


The UTIC 2021 conference Tetiana Cherednychok’s speech about video game translation.

During MultiMeDialecTranslation 8 Tetiana has shared interesting facts about placeholder usage and translation in video games localization, you can check it out here: Placeholders in Video Game Localization.


Two members of our SBT Localization team, Olia Khmelnytska and Oleksii Ivanov, visited the WeGame event in August.


Surprisingly there were no streams in August, however in September Yura Dragon streamed Diablo 2: Resurrection.

Recordings will be available later on YouTube

You’re welcome to check the stream on Twitch for now.


We welcome the new faces in our SBT Localization team:

Rostyslav Fedorko 

Anna Tsvira

Anna Chyrva

Most sincere wishes to you: have lots of inspiration, interesting projects, and well-paid work!

Hall of Fame

On behalf of the SBT Localization, we sincerely thank those who took the most active part on the volunteer projects in  August and September for the glory of the Ukrainian localization:

  • Taras Korzhyk
  • Sofiia Shul
  • Anna Chyrva
  • Yanis Verminko
  • Anna Tsvira
  • Roman Hardashuk
  • Solomiia Kotiai
  • Iryna Makovska
  • Bohdan Peredrii
  • Rostyslav Fedorko
  • Alice Chester
  • Olha Sushytska
  • Iryna Andrieieva
  • Oleksandr Vlasiuk
  • Yurii Bisyk
  • Yura Dragon
  • Olia Khmelnytska

We also thank the active members of SBT Localization team, who contributed to the development of our business in other ways:

  • Yanis Verminko
  • Yura Dragon
  • Ivan Yankovyi
  • Sofia Shul
  • Yurii Bisyk
  • Tetiana Cherednychok
  • Oleksandr Lukianov
  • Roman Hardashuk
  • Olia Khmelnytska
  • Oleksii Ivanov

Join Us!

SBT Localization  always enjoys new talented, enthusiastic people who want to join the Ukrainianization of the universe. Try your hand at the  translator test, then if you succeed, write to us via the contact  form  or search for SBT Localization pages and chats:  Facebook,  Twitter,  Discord,  Instagram,  Mastodon.

If you do not have enough time to to do the localization work yourselves but are willing to help bring the Ukrainian language to games, you can support us in a way you like:

1) become our patron on  Patreon ;

2) transfer any amount to account  5169 3305 1649 7846  (PrivatBank, recipient Ivanov Oleksii) or  5357 4115 0001 2666  (Monobank, recipient Yankovyi Ivan). Be sure to include your name and last name in the description field (sometimes the bank does not show the sender’s information), so we will know whom to thank.

Our Thanks

We truly thank everyone who supported the  SBT Localization team in August and September on Patreon and in other ways. We wish you and your families health, success and prosperity!







Volodymyr Pohrebniak, Oleksandra Kutsan, Andrii Malakhov, Andrii Kozhushko, Andrii Krasnychuk, Anton Bubnov, Artem Kushch, Bohdan Rutylo, Oleksandr dordaderabar, Yurii Brehman, Ivan Dziubyshyn, Maksym Khvastov, Mary Augstkalns, naloii, oebouiu, Oleksandr Lukianov, Oleksii Ivanov, Pavlo Donchenko, Yaroslav Urbanevych, Rascher, Roman Lysenko, Taras Syniuk, Dmytro Derevianko, Roman Shturm, Taras Korzhyk, Yanis Verminko, Iryna Makovska.


Novster, amigo1995kot, Andrii Ilkiv, Andrii Serbovets, Dmytro Kyrychuk, Andrii exmolution, Jarlaxle Baenre, Karina Voloshyna, Maksym Hladkyi, Volodymyr Hryhorash, Nazar Kompaniiets, Oleh darcklion, Oleksandr Bohomaz, Vasyl Stokolosa, Volodymyr Zhuk, Stepan VoronXVI, Bohdan Krasniakov, Vladylena Matviienko, Pavlo Zhuk, Stas Makar, Vasyl Nabochenko.



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Ukrainian localization. August – September 2021 (#67)
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