We Made the Grade!

In February we wrote about The All-Ukrainian Student Contest Announced in Memory of Professor Vitaliy Case, where our colleague Tetiana Cherednychok took part and won the first place. Now her work “Reproduction of sensors in the context of home poetics in Ukrainian translations of a small prose by Sandra Cisneros” is published in the scientific journal “Держава та регіони” (“The State and the Regions”), where one can read it.

The article studies connectivity (cohesion) and integrity (coherence) phenomena as means of achieving adequate translation and examines lexico-grammatical types of translation transformations. The purpose of the article is to investigate specific aspects of receptivity reproduction in the context of HOME poetics in the Ukrainian translation of the flash fiction by Sandra Cisneros. Original texts of the short stories “Hairs” and “My name” and their translations by Nadiia Matviiv serve as the illustrative material.

The formation of the central cumulative image of the short stories mentioned before occurs due to receptivity systems, reproduction of which in Ukrainian language presents the translator’s interest. The article deals with applying number of lexico-grammatical replacements and transformations, the analysis of which allows to reveal special aspects of prose receptivity reproduction. Receptivity systems in translation form poetic, which become the central component of the short stories “Hairs” and “My name”.

What forms the difference in receptivity reproduction between the original texts and their translation and which are the methods of making these differences as little as possible – read all about it in the award-winning article by Tetiana Cherednychok on the pages of the magazine or by following a link.

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We Made the Grade!
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