Tyranny of SBT Localization Expands

Turn on the Ukrainian localization, if you has not done it yet, otherwise you will feel the wrath of the gods! The SBT Localization team is being replenished with another member, and so Ukrainization of the Universe will go faster.

From the mysterious depths of the mighty Dnipro, rised the Just Localizer, which is also known as Andrii Serbovets. He looked on the Scales of the World and saw a disorder there—the Ukrainian language was still not in the top of the most used languages, and off he went to the most tyrannical translation team to help. The Just Localizer swore on the Holy Spelling Guide that he would not know peace until global justice was restored, and the Ukrainian gaming market would be one of the most profitable.

SBT Localization team wishes the Great Localizer to be steadfast in his uneasy decision. May inspiration never leaves you. We also wish you many ambitious projects, and the prompt realization of your translator’s dreams.

Tyranny of SBT Localization Expands

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