The Last of Us: And Another Art Book!

The work on the “The Art of The Last of Us” artbook was special to me. Firstly, it was my first experience of managing a translation process, and secondly, The Last of Us is one of my favorite games.

While translating this artbook, I’ve rediscovered the game anew, peeked to its most hidden corners. It’s like you found a final piece of a puzzle missing from the whole picture. It was interesting to examine all these concepts and wondering “What if?” Looking at the sketches that were not embodied in the final game, you start wondering what the game would be if a character’s appearance, clothes, weapon, or location were different. Such things highly stimulate and develop imagination. It is also interesting to see how stroke by stroke characters design emerges.

The fact that this game is deeply emotional is revealed right by the cover of the artbook, and the artbook itself fascinates you with detailed and colorful pictures. Graphics are complemented with interesting and concise commentaries from the creators, and in our translation, we tried to maintain this conciseness.

I think, even if you are not familiar with the game “The Last of Us”, this artbook would certainly catch hold of your attention and imagination. And I strongly recommend not resist to it.

I would like to thank MAL`OPUS publishing house for the opportunity to ukrainize at least a small part of this memorable world.

Gather the collection!

The artbook The Art of The Last of Us Part II

The graphic novel The Last of Us. American Dreams

Interesting details of “The Art of The Last of Us” project

Tetiana Cherednychok

February 28, 2021

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The Last of Us: And Another Art Book!
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