Grimmwood: Ukrainian Localization!

Dear gamers, please, take a look at the nice game Grimmwood – They Come at Night by Big Moustache Games Bulgarian studio. From now on this game has Ukrainian localization.

Gather with your friends (this game has multiplayer), create and improve your settlement and teach forest monstrosities a lesson. Explore the world and survive. The fate of the settlement depends on you, and your life depends on the wellness of the settlement.

Ukrainian localization became available thanks to Yanis Verminko, Sofia Shul, Bohdan Peredriy, Olexandra Kutsan, Maryna Pishchalkovska and Oksana Ryvko.

We are also thankful to those who helped us to test the translation.

Have a nice play!


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Grimmwood: Ukrainian Localization!
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