Ukrainian localization: May 2022 (#73)

Greetings, dear friends! Summer has begun, the season of grilled rascists barbeque. While Klopotenko is cooking «Ruzzians under Izyum», Kalush Orchestra is shouting «Save Mariupol! Save Azovstal», and Prytula invents 1001 ways to get the necessary equipment for Ukrainian defenders, we also try not to be at the tail end at least in our area of activity, so we do everything possible for the advance of the Ukrainian language, in particular in video games. So now let’s talk briefly about our achievements in May.

Games in Ukranian

What’s new?

In May, a mobile version of Streets of Rage 4 was released, which also has a Ukrainian language. The game can be purchased in Google Play and the App Store.

In addition, we started to translate some mods to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game, because it feels somehow unfair that the Ukrainian language exists in the game, but popular modifications have to be installed with a foreign language. Mods are planned for different parts, all of them can be found on the relevant page in the section Our projects.

Translations in progress

There is enough work for translators now, just be in time with its completion. Some projects are being done a little faster, others a little slower, but work is in full swing everywhere.

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition (New Content) has actually been completely translated. There are several hundred words left, given that their translator joined the Ukrainian army. However, we will quickly deal with these little things, and may bullets and shells always miss our warrior. Olena Androsyuk worked the most on the project in May.

Trudograd (addition to Atom RPG) – 4% translated. The most active translator was Natalia Andruk.

There Is No Light – fully translated, the game is ready for release.

Darkest Dungeon – 39% translated. Dmytro Holovchenko and Anastasia Kachanova made the greatest efforts in this project.

We also started working on Planescape: Torment. The game is not new, but it is a favorite for many, so we decided to take the opportunity to add an official Ukrainian localization.

We are also working on the Ukrainian translation of The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. There may also be Ukrainian voicing, but we are still not sure.

And… Stop! We can’t say that yet, but you will definitely like it. Just wait a few months.

Editings in progress

In May, our editors were surprisingly active and inspired, so they also have something to boast about.

Tales of the Neon Sea – completely edited, we are testing the translation. We thank Olya Khmelnytska, Taras Korzhyk and Oleksiy Ivanov for this.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – 35% edited. Although it seems that the new 5% is very small, but in fact it is about 60,000 words. The most active editors: Tatiana Cherednychok and Sofia Shul.

Banner Saga 3 – 82% (+ 1%) edited. Although small, but stable. Dana Vozniuk has been editing it herself so far, because one editor temporarily has no access to a computer due to the war.

Into the Breach – 67% edited. This time Iryna Andrieieva processed another 14%, i.e. almost 10,000 words.


The main entertainment during the war is an air-raid warning. However, where there is no fighting, and shells of Russian invaders fall relatively rare, there is a possibility to have fun a little, at least online. This is how the conversation about the Ukrainian localization of games took place, to which we were invited by GameDev DOU. Tetiana Cherednychok and Yura Dragon spoke on behalf of SBT Localization. In addition, our colleagues from UnlocTeam were also present. You can listen to a recording of the conversation on the GameDev DOU website.

SBT Localization often deals with students: whether they ask for an internship, or they need course material, or they need to talk about Ukrainian localization… And we are always happy to help if we can. And this time we helped a little in creating a test video work: Yura Dragon told about the state of Ukrainian localization and some problems.

This video did not include all of Yura’s answers, so we thought we would post the full version later. Look it up on our YouTube channel.

And let’s not forget about the streams on Twitch. Come to Yura for playthroughs of all sorts of great things. For example, S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: The Shadow of Chernobyl.


For some, SBT Localization Team is a temporary shelter, for some it is a training ground, pleasant company or a favorite pastime, and for others it is a second job. That’s why someone is constantly leaving and someone is coming. However, those who are not only happy to join the Ukrainianization of game worlds, but also do it responsibly, can get the status of an official member of the team.

So, we are glad to welcome our new official participant – Dmytro Holovchenko.

We wish you interesting projects, inspired translations and well-deserved salary.

Hall of Fame

On part of the SBT team, we give our most sincere gratitude to those who were the most active in their work for the glory of Ukrainian localization in May:

  • Tetiana Cherednychok
  • Olia Khmelnytska
  • Sofia Shul
  • Natalia Andruk
  • Iryna Andrieieva
  • Taras Korzhyk
  • Dmytro Holovchenko
  • Oleksii Ivanov
  • Olena Androsiuk
  • Anastasia Kachanova
  • Yura Dragon
  • Ivan Yankovyi
  • Yurii Bisyk
  • Oleksandr Lukianov

Join Us!

SBT Localization  always enjoys new talented, enthusiastic people who want to join the Ukrainianization of the universe. Try your hand at the  translator test, then if you succeed, write to us via the contact  form.

If you do not have enough time to to do the localization work yourselves but are willing to help bring the Ukrainian language to games, you can support us in a way you like:

1) become our patron on  Patreon or Buymeacoffee;

2) transfer any amount to account 4731 1856 1396 5158 (PrivatBank, recipient Sofia Shul), or Monobank Money Jar. Be sure to include your name and last name in the description field (sometimes banks do not show the sender’s information), so we will know whom to thank.

Our Thanks

We truly thank everyone who supported the  SBT Localization team in May on Patreon and in other ways. We wish you and your families health, success and prosperity!



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500 UAH

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250 UAH

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100 UAH

90 UAH

Stanislav Stepaniuk

$2 / 50 UAH

MilvusUA, Iryna Makovska, Bohdan Rutylo, Oleksandra Kutsan, Anastasiia Zhyshchynska, Andrii Kozhushko, Andrii Krasnychuk, ehehehe, Halaster, Yurii Brehman, naloii, Novster, Oleksii Ivanov, Pavlo Donchenko, Taras Korzhyk, Yurii Yakymchuk, Sviatoslav Holovatyi, Vsevolod Karasevych.


Amigo1995kot, Andrii Ilkiv, Dinadin Cross, Dmytro Kyrychuk, exmolution, Jarlaxle Baenre, Maksym Hladkyi, Nazar Kompaniiets, Oleksandr Bohomaz, Rini, s0fko, Vasyl Stokolosa, Volodymyr Zhuk, Wiktor Kor, Bohdan Krasniakov, Vladylena Matviienko, Maksym Poluliakh, Oleksandr Soloviov, Stas Makar.



June 13, 2022

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