DevGAMM 2018

On February 1-2, DevGAMM 2018 conference took place in Kyiv. This event was devoted to the development and publishing of games on all modern platforms. Activists of SBT Localization were lucky to visit the event. Undoubtedly, everyone’s got pleasant impressions, and more, somone even won prizes.

Oleksii Ivanov posted in Facebook later, “Although there were such “big boys” as Ubisoft and Wargaming, the focus was mostly on independent developers and smaller publishers. Spending one day as a volunteer, I happened to be a stage manager of the largest exhibition hall, which gave me the opportunity to communicate more closely with such interesting people as John Carnage of Twitch and Callum Underwood of Raw Fury, a publishing house which specializes in indie games. It’s also nice to see that in our country the indie-games development is in full swing, and therefore one may expect several interesting titles to appear, which, of course, will go out to the world market. Actually, why not?”

As John Carnage said, do not allow people to discourage you from your intentions. Do something distinct and you’ll make people interested in it. Here I see a message for SBT Localization. Someone says that nobody needs it. We’ll see this in a few years.”

Also, Oleksii staggered with his trophy, a thermo cup with the Wargaming logo, which he won  for beating “mister journalist of “Ігронавти” in jenga.

The rest of SBT Localization team who attended the conference also shared their impressions. Oleksander Lukianov said that DevGAMM “is smaller than Games Gathering, but the organizors are more experienced, and so the atmosphere is warmer. The event is smaller, because it is aimed at indies mostly. Also, there are more of nice features all sorts. I mean the general quest with a prize winning is well done, and the battle between the developers and experts is a very cool show, and, well, in general, there’s very much attention to details”.

Olha Khmelnytska noted that “visiting this conference, it is very difficult to go home without any prize ? And as always: the sea of emotions, great organizers, and a bunch of games” 😀

Olha is a pretty inquisitive person, she could be found in almost every corner. She managed to work as a volunteer on one day, and to show off wearing a T-shirt with SBT Localization logo on the second day, and at the same time she played games and took a ton of pictures. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough place in this article for all her pictures.

In a word, everything was awesome, we want more!

We thank the organizers for the wonderful event and unforgettable impressions, great experiences and nice gifts, as well as the SBT Localization activists, who do not miss the opportunity to attract the attention of developers to the Ukrainian gaming market and to hel the cause of Ukrainian localization.

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