The Curious Expedition: New Project

To ensure that our translators do not get bored, while the editors check the mountains of the text, a restless cat of ours has brought in another project – The Curious Expedition – under the Christmas tree. It is a roguelike expedition simulation set in 19th century. New lands, colonies, aggressive natives – romantics!

This project has a relatively small amount of text, although it will give a bit of headache to translators. Kind developers for sure have taken care of the gender issue and so the game automatically substitutes for “male” and “female” pronouns, and even in a few cases. But they did not know that in Ukrainian language there are at least twice as many cases and forms, and verbs and adjectives also have the endings according to the person and the genus!

But you can’t scare us with this. Aunty Baldur’s Gate has taught us how to act in such situations. We think Ukrainian localization will be ready in the spring of 2018.

Happy New Year!

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