The third day of E3 exhibition is over and it brought a lot of new releases. Of course, Ubisoft was the centrepiece of the day. The main gaming industry visionary. It is also a company with awful user policy,  incredibly bad support and clear anti-Ukrainian position, despite two offices in Ukraine. What have they prepared for us?

Her Evil Majesty Ubisoft

The franchise about assassins returned on board. “What a painful surprise”, yeah. In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey we are suggested to assume the role of a Greek man. Or a Greek woman. For the first time developers give an opportunity to choose the sex of the character in this franchise. Waiting for Japan and ninja?

One more big and important release is Beyond Good & Evil 2. Cinematic trailer which was presented on the exhibition teased the audience with known characters. This trailer showed minimum gameplay and it also told about the feature due to which users’ arts will appear directly in the game. The conception is quite interesting, indeed. It is hard to predict something; the game can be both genius and failure. Because it’s Ubisoft.

Inspired by the success of The Steep the publisher set other projects of the same kind free. That is why, most likely, new projects about motocross — Trials Rising will see the world.

A little strange project which is based on dancing Just Dance 2019. Some kind of slightly dazed “Dancing with the Stars”.

Skull & Bones will give us an opportunity to feel romanticism and bitter flavour of sweat at sea. Advance verdict — it is some kind of Black Flag on juice. It is quite good comparison with respect to latter, which was the best game about corsairs. Time will tell.

There also was shown the trailer and a bit of gameplay of cosmogame  Starlink: Battle for Atlas. The opportunity to customize ships will be added. Waiting for the plot. There’s nothing special at this point.

The race with open world CREW got its continuation. It looks quite tasty, but I’ll bet you anything that guys who rendered this trailer never talked to developers. Even via internet. Like Ubisoft always does. By the by, there was an announcement of open beta testing for PS4, Xbox One and PC 21.06 — 25.06 so you can try it for real.

The series of city-building games Anno this time will bring us to 1800s. Interesting, what kind of anal-protecting requirements for game launching they will invent in order to make the launching even more uncomfortable?

Nobody forgot about online-projects update. For Honor got its dose of love (better late than never), and new fraction — China — will be added; developers blindsided the audience by making base version of the game free. Greetings to those who bought the game and seasonal pass for a large amount of money some time ago. Developers also promised new “assault” play mode. Will it save the dead game? Who knows. The count on China market is obvious.

Rainbow Six Siege — the most successful online project also will get new season. Being inspired by Riot Games’ works, they included into the trailer one of the gamer’s story. Quite good for e-sports future. It is always interesting to have a look at the stories on the other side of the screen. The audience is keep growing (more than 35 million users), so let’s wish successful development.

Other Developers

Besides Ubisoft there were other smaller but not less significant developers on the conference, which presented to the audience their products.

Guys, which were responsible for goat simulator brought to the conference some Factorio on maximum settings. Satisfactory will give player the opportunity not only destroy the nature and build industrial heaven, but also do it cooperatively.

The Forgotten City is an interesting project not only because it is a detective story, but also because it is the game, which grew from mod to Skyrim. Those, who played it looking forward to the game. The rest can try the mod itself in order to understand whether it worth waiting or not.


Sega visited the conference with much-heralded Yakudza — one of the best Japanese exclusives on PC and, just as important, with the promises of other classic. Look forward to it.

Always interested how to be an Uber driver but didn’t have a chance to try? Guys from Change agency will give you an opportunity to feel the other side of the decorations of the cyberpunk future. Neo Cab — sincere conversations and peculiar “chanson” of the future are waiting for you.

Night Call, more serious and noir version of the cab-driver simulator, also was presented at the conference. Conceptually.

Succès fou of the PUBG and Fortnite haunt others’ mind so developers keep producing more and more new clones and they don’t seem to have something original. Mavericks Proving Grounds which was presented at the E3 has all the clone features.

It has not been without royal fight, the one that nobody wanted but the one we all deserve. That’s right, another clon, but this time in the scenery of sadly remembered comics about cyanide and happiness. Rapture Rejects.

Guys from Untitled Publisher as if heard Snig’s wailing voice about beet-root bosquet and released post-cyberpunk farmer simulator Morning Star. It looks a little… strange.

Long-awaited hospital simulator Two Point Hospital was presented at E3 among other things.  What can be better than feel like the manager of the large medical centre? Who knows, maybe after game walkthrough you will have a lot of ideas, which will help our Ms Suprun with reforms.

You like pokemons but you don’t like games about them? No problem. Here we have nice pokemon-like game. Enough for relieving your feelings and having a few laughs. Ooblets is your choice.

The trailer to the bald not from Brazzers simulator also was shown. Hitman 2: feel like hit man and eliminate targets unnoticed. Or, as it usually happens, kill everybody on the map. No witnesses no crime, right?

Last but not least is The Sinking City from our developers Frogware Games. The game is in Lovecraft style. The atmosphere is guaranteed as well as quality. Looking forward to it.

Next in line are Sony and missed Bethesda. Stay with us.

By Yanis Verminko

June 12, 2018

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