The main and largest exhibition in the game industry, E3 2018, is in full swing now. Great and small publishers came to the City of Angels in California to share their work with the gamer community. What is more, their primary aim is to announce new projects.

Press conferences of Electronic Arts and Microsoft Corporation are already behind. Bethesda, as well as Devolver Digital, have also presented their projects. And while everyone is waiting for the conferences of Square Enix, Ubisoft, and the star of the show—Sony, let’s review the main events of the above-mentioned giants that put their cards on the table. Here are not all the events, but only the most interesting ones (go, go Verminko’s subjectivity!).

Monsters of Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts, as always, spurns public opinion and continues publishing its releases. Killing the old ones. Generating new monsters and becoming a bigger object of hatred every time. This year, Electronics brought a bunch of titles to E3. Well, in fact, if you put aside their “new” sports simulators that are being released from year to year with minimal changes, then you can see that they did not show anything new. Nothing so good, definitely. We won’t discuss Madden NFL 19 and FIFA 19, which differ from their predecessors only by relatively new professional teams, and so let’s proceed to game “dainties.”

At the conference, it was demonstrated the gameplay of Battlefield V. The global operations mode was announced, in which players would have to perform battle operations in several modes on maps. Global is everything for us. One can say that in fact it is somewhat improved Battlefield I in the scenery of the World War II. It looks interesting though. The admirers of multiplayer shooters will like it for sure. Verminko himself will stay in the trenches of the World War I. Thank you.

In addition to the “expected” sequels of the series, the EA also showed us some rather “unexpected” ones. Among them, the indie game Unravel 2, the first part of which was impressive due to its uniqueness and mechanics. This time, the developers were allocated just a little bit more money, and so they brought us an upgraded graphics and cooperative. They’ve promised high complexity, improved gameplay, and a lot of fun. We hope and wait. For fans of platformers and puzzles, it’s just a must-have.

Another unexpected release was the “sequel” to the C&C series. Why is the word “sequel” taken in quotation marks? The answer is obvious: the impression was the only thing that guided Electronics during the development of this game was the thought “How do we kill this legendary series in the most brutal way?” The strategy has been moved to mobile phones. Want to know what Verminko’s face was when he was watching the trailer?

Like this:










We won’t insert the trailer just because it is violent and inappropriate for children who may read this article. Therefore, if you have a tough mind, you are not pregnant and you are not sensitive to extreme violence, you can find the trailer on the network on your own.

The devs showed a video and a few screenshots of Anthem and told us a bit about it. It is a Dark Souls-style survival in the far-flung scenery. They promise epic, difficult challenges and harsh exoskeleton in which you will have to confront the whole world.

Well, we are waiting for the loot boxes and other joys. This is EA. In addition, they announced a new Star Wars game to be developed by the Respawn studio. The game’s events will take place after the famous command number 66, when all the Jedi had to be destroyed. No more special things were told.

What can I say about Electronic Arts? It is merely the fact that Verminko did not expect anything from them, but he still remained disappointed.

Microsoft the Game Wizard

The second day was much more interesting because the first violin here was Microsoft, which presented a lot of interesting things for its XBOX One console. So, what should be noted among releases?

First of all, of course, the exclusive Gears 5 (it seems that the developers have lost the word “Wars” somewhere on their way), where they promised to show the largest and the most beautiful world in this universe. If you have not played it, you may walk past. If you are the owner of the console from Microsoft… You may already throw money into the monitor.

Actually, the same thing could be applied to the return on the big screen of the Master Chief with a series of Halo. Welcome back. We were waiting for you.

Another great and very expected was the extension of Devil May Cry. Microsoft has introduced a trailer of the 5th part, which they promise to release in spring 2019. It is a funny Japanese slasher, with a bunch of vulgar jokes, brutal combo, and confusing history. What could be better than chopping small and huge demons into small pieces in order to relax from monotonous work?

It couldn’t go without a video about a new part of adventures of the mysterious Ori of the Blind Forest. Better graphics, great music, new features and, most importantly, a new story. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a great platformer which you just have to play.

The first trailer of new Lara – Shadow of the Tomb Raider, was also shown. It looks very appealing. We can only hope that all the mistakes of the previous part have been taken into account, and this time, the story will seem more solid and closer to the first part. Microsoft, what are you doing? Verminko doesn’t earn enough to buy all this beauty!!!

4A Games and Others

Not going anywhere without our compatriots from 4A Games. They brought their Metro Exodus to the E3 exhibition. Those, who are familiar with Glukhovsky’s Metro trilogy, will immediately notice the influence of the third book. Is it for better or worse – everyone will decide for themselves. The main thing is that this will be a qualitative continuation of the history of Artyom. Graphics, of course, are just great. We hope that our guys will succeed and everything will be on the highest level. As always. Verminko has long saved money for this game. And what about you?

In addition, the sequel to network game The Division also was presented. It looks… akin to the previous part. Only the venue was moved to Washington. The picture, of course, is very cool, but we are well aware that the first part of the first trailers was all the same. And then there was a downgrade, and what we see is what we get. Verminko hopes that the developers will not repeat the mistakes as in launching virus in New York and wishes there will be lots of fun Washington. I’ll wait there for DarkPaladin.

Dying Light 2 was a pleasant surprise. I know, I know, everyone got tired of zombie survivals long time ago… But believe me, that’s exactly the zombie survival, which makes you forget about all other survivals, simply because it is riveting, because it is varied, merry and serious at the same time. There’s quite enough of humor there, and there is almost no any trash. For this, I love this game.

The crème de la crème is, of course, Cyberpunk 2077. Poles, just like the last time, showed us just a trailer, but this time, it showed us which side the release will move. Verminko’s impression is that Poles are clearly aimed at the GTA-style. Verminko is not very glad about this fact, but he believes that the guys from the red studio will do everything right. (A HINDU-TAXI DRIVER IN THE WORLD OF ANDROIDS? I TAKE TWO!)

We are waiting for Cyrilla and her stepfather, of course. Why not actually?


Read about Bethesda and others soon.

by Yanis Verminko



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