WeGame 5.0

WeGame 5.0, which has been held in Kyiv in April 20-21, is, by comparison to full-blown B2B conferences such as GamesGathering, an event of a much smaller scale. However it is worth noting that it is also much more affordable, which is very important in its role to accommodate the requests and spending capacity of a regular gamer and fan.

We were able to catch a glimpse of some of the upcoming curiosities as well during our visit, such as the Chernobylite project from Poland. By the way, the devs have expressed interest in adding Ukrainian to the game straight from the start of the project, which is definitely good news for the Ukrainian customer (and us in turn).

Two other projects presented at the conference are worth noting as well. Both are yet to be finished, however, they did manage to impress even at this stage.

The first, named Neanderthallica would be a good vibe of nostalgia to those of us, who remembers the famous Prehistoric series back in 1993-94.     

If you’re a fan of beating on your tambourine, summoning rain and running around completing quests and puzzles in a stone age setting, and you’re a fan of pixel graphics – then the game is for you.

The second title is the Empire Patron. This is an PRG with card game elements (or was it the other way around?) An unusual setting, which makes it even more interesting to see how it turns out in the actual release. You can learn more about the game on Steam.

WeGame turned out to be quite an entertaining event overall, big thanks to the team organizing the gig and those who attended for sharing it with us!

By Olia Khmelnytska


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WeGame 5.0
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