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Here comes Valentine’s Day: a day when lovers spend time together, and “forever lonely” guys whine on the Internet about why they still do not have a partner when they are so freaking cool. Boys usually complain that girls are mercantile and attracted to assholes, and girls complain that boys do not see their true selves or do not perceive them as a person of the opposite sex, but rather as another “bro”. It is said that Koreans have a good tradition for such people… but we are not here to arrange people’s personal lives, are we?

Let’s talk about couples. What could be better than an opportunity to spend time together? Spend time playing a cheery game, of course. But do you know many games that can be played together cooperatively? We have gathered a few here and bring them to your attention.

1. It Takes Two

One of the most recent and best games you can play with your partner. There are fun and interesting puzzles and the spirit of the old consoles when you were sitting at the same TV. And even an interesting story about the relationship, or rather its “mending”.

2. A Way Out

The creators of the previous game also made a no less great game for two people about escaping from prison. The plot is more serious, the stakes are higher. Will you have the patience to combine efforts to achieve the goal? Who knows. Maybe you should play this game first, and then It Takes Two. You know, to guide a relationship after a difficult playthrough. ?

3. Unravel Two

A good example of a great game with a great world and a graphic component is a game about a skein of thread. Or, in this case, two skeins. Good story, good puzzles, good platformer. To not addle your brain with difficult scenarios – this game is just the thing. And there will be great music. It is our recommendation!

4. Don’t Starve Together!

Speaking of playing in pairs, it is also worth mentioning the well-known “starve game”. The game will appeal to those who love sandboxes, commanding their partner and sharing responsibilities. The style of the game also has a special charm.

5. Overcooked! 2

Once we have mentioned the division and sharing of responsibilities, we cannot forget about the chores in the kitchen. This humorous game in a cartoonish style will quickly teach you to cooperate in a limited space and time.

6. We Were Here

Separately worth noting in the list a series of games called We Were Here. This game is designed for two players and teamwork. The plot is simple: you are where you are not supposed to be. You need to get out of there. But to do that, you need to cooperate. A good test of how you understand each other. A nice bonus is that the first game of the franchise is free, so you can try the game and see if it is your cup of tea.

7. Tick Tock: A Tale For Two

Another game that requires clear communication, cooperation and the ability to cerebrate in order to get out of the trap. The difference from the previous one is that the trap here is a Scandinavian fairy tale. A good opportunity to immerse yourself in northern culture and its charm with your partner. In misfortune or not, it is up to you.

8. Portal 2

What best describes the principle of this game is, in fact, the trailer. You do not know who you are. You do not know what you are. You do not know anything at all. In your hands are portal guns, and in front of you are the test rooms. You are perfect for this. Definitely. A classic that cannot be missed.

9. Outward

From puzzles to RPGs. Outward will throw you into a strange and unfamiliar fantasy world, which will be full of dangers and adventures that are extremely difficult to overcome yourself. The game is best played together. And what better partner than the person you spend so much free time with? Well, here is what to do while sitting at the computer (apart from shit-talking on Twitter, of course).

10. Haven

A great role-playing game where you study the world. It is also great because it is for couples and about couples. Literally, this is one of the best games for lovers. Dialogues, music, atmosphere and great humor. This is exactly what you need to have a good time.

So, choose something to your liking and have fun. And have a nice Valentine’s Day!

Yanis Verminko

Translated by Anna Chyrva

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Games For Two
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