Darkest Dungeon

Genre: roguelike, turn-based strategy, RPG.

Developer: Red Hook Studios

About: Gather your team and set forth to the darkest dungeon. Eliminate monsters, cultists and other creatures and you will be rewarded with treasures and long-lost relics of your family’s manor. How far will you go? How much will you risk for your village’s protection? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to save your favourite character?

Where to purchase: Steam, Epic Games, GOG

Game released: January, 2016

Localization: unofficial (download localization mod here)

Ukrainian localization released: April 23, 2023

Spent time: November 2021 — April 2023 (translation and proofreading continue)

Size: 96000 words

Voice-over: original

Translated by: Yura Dragon, Rostyslav Fedorko, Roman Maniachuk, Dmytro Holovchenko, Anastasia Kachanova, Oleksandr Lukianov, Anastasia Zhyshchynska, Anna Chyrva, Roman Hardashuk, Yana Yaroshenko, Anastasia Shatalova.

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Darkest Dungeon
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