Xbox X019 Exhibition

Not that long ago, namely last week, Conference X019, which was organized by Microsoft, took place. As far as SBT Localization Team has time to share their opinion, as well as interesting details, on some novelties and announcements that were unveiled there, so let’s get down to business!

Xbox X019


It appears that the most anticipated announcement on this conference was the demonstration of the gameplay of Age of Empires IV – the sequel to the legendary series RTS Age of Empires.

Although we almost know nothing about the game itself and the release date, there is still some information we get from the trailer. The alluring detail is the fact that the events unfold in the Middle Ages, whereas the Mongols and England are among the game civilizations. What else should be mentioned, the game is developed by Relic Entertainment, which is well-known for us by the game series as Company of Heroes and WarHammer 40K: Dawn of War. The aforementioned fact brings us hope for the better since in the specific case the best among the best, people with great knowledge, valuable experience, and recognition among the game industry, are involved. It should be brought to the light that the other two marvellous events connected to the series
Age of Empires took place:

1) Age of Empires II was released (you can it buy on Steam)

2) The release of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition was announced (without exact date)


Another announcement that made extremely sensitive seasoned players was Halo: The Master Chief Collection. By the laws of the genre, improved 4K textures are included. This one will be a collection that contains 6 classic Halo series. The first will be Halo: Reach, which was introduced to the wide audience for the first time in 2010.

What else has to be shed to light is that you have an opportunity to buy the whole collection – Halo: The Master Chief Collection or barely the first one – Halo: Reach, on Steam. The release of Halo: Reach is planned for December, 3. What concerns other parts, there is no exact date.

Furthermore, the companies, which are now supported by Microsoft, have also something to share. Among them we can distinguish the ensuing:


The developers of Life is Strange came back with a new project – Tell Me Why. It is an interactive game that consists of three episodes and will disclose a history of twins: Tyler and Ellison to us. These two have supernatural abilities and will travel to the past to unravel the mystery of their childhood.

An extraordinary thing highlighted by Dontnod Entertainment is that Tylor is a transgender.

The release is awaited in 2020.


Rare, has already presented to us Sea of Thieves and Battletoads, this time has amused and charmed us with a new game – Everwild. Unfortunately, it is still clothed in mystery, and the only thing the trailer says the adventurous game in an amazing world, open or half-open. Besides, the game style caught our attention: various and sundry forms, colours, and combinations make us recall the memories of such exciting games, for instance Legend of Zelda: Breathe of Wild.

The early stages of development do not presume much information yet we do know that it will be exclusively released on Xbox One and Windows 10.


Obsidian Entertainment is keeping up with the Jones and is ready to present to the audience a new project. Grounded – is a survivor game with the RPG elements, where you can play for Ant-Man one (or even more than one) out of 4 friends, who due to different twists and turns of fate became tiny. The world full of hazardous situations awaits you, and evil ants, cunning beetles, horrible spiders and… coca-cola bottles will be on your way.

The trailer introduces a multifunctional survivour with classic resource collection, world exploration, and building bases. The release date is not defined yet, but should be in spring 2020.


Last but not least, Ninja Theory came back with a cooperative game Bleeding Edge, where you will have a unique opportunity, at least we presume so, to give some magic kicks to the opponent’s team and entertain in general. Little is known at the moment. The trailer shows us the characters (according to preliminary information, the choice of 12 characters in 3 classes), their combat behaviour and weapons, but the details of gameplay and others are not revealed. The release date is March 24, 2020, feel free to pre-order now.


Microsoft has shared with us the details about the xCloud project, which will be a cloud streaming game service and will be available on Windows 10 in 2020 and will provide access to games with the Xbox Game Pass (which will be replenished in 2020 with a bunch of new ones games, including 9 parts of the Final Fantasy series). At the launch of the xCloud library, it will support 50 games from 25 developers, including such popular entertaining games as Devil May Cry 5, Forza Horizon 4, Madden NFL 20, Tekken 7, etc.

Another feature will be the ability to connect a variety of gamepads, especially Raze Junglecat and Sony Dualshock 4. The company plans to expand the list of technical partners of its project in the near future.

Which of the aforementioned releases allured you the most? Have you added something to the favourite list 2020? You are welcome to share your opinions in comments.

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Sincerely yours,
SBT Localization.

By Bohdan Peredrii


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