SBT Localization: Report #29

Did you have enough celebrating and carols? Now, it’s time to work. Although January is a festive month, SBT Localization team didn’t waste their time and worked hard for the benefit of Ukrainian localization.


Let’s start from the fact that the developers of the secret project has poured a little bit more work for us, so a part of our team is being working on it. We have pay the project great attention because secret projects are one of the sources that help us to develop. The project now is under the vigilant control of Oleksii “Stravenger” Ivanov, and for this he has our thanks.

The Curious Expedition project has gone up to 15%. So far, this project, along with the Siege of Dragonspear, serves as an alternative to those who doesn’t have the luck to work on the secret project, or do not share the delight of the localization of Hand of Fate 2. In addition, this is an interesting experience at Crowdin.


In January, SBT Localization team celebrated the Equator of the translation of the main volunteer project, which is Hand of Fate 2. Now progress is as high as 63%. Not bad, right? It is should be noted that Mykola Melnyk was the one who has worked the hardiest here. In January he translated as many as 30,000 words! Oh, I’m kidding, only 29 500. Wish him good luck and inspiration.

We’ve finally completed the translation and proofreading of the three fairy tales of George McDonald: “The Light Princess”, “Giant’s Heart”, and “Golden Key“. These tales are intended not only for children, “The Light Princess” once caused a lot of scandals in the society back there. However, this did not prevent the fairy tale to become one of the pearls in the legacy of McDonald, as well as appear on TV screens and theatre stages. So follow the Світ Фентезі web magazine, where our translations will be published. We, of course, will keep you informed.


The Siege of Dragonspear project has revived somewhat, all of a sudden. Newcomers have shown lots of interest to the project, and someone simply felt nostalgia. So, maybe the time when we finish this project is not far off. There aren’t many words has left there… some 255 thousand words. As Hand of Fate 2 and a half more. Well, very few indeed.


Bitcoins, bitcoins, cute little coins… At the end of January, the process of proofreading of an interesting book, “The Internet of Money” by Andreas Antonopoulos began. Now the progress is only 2%, but the main thing is that it will go on, and therefore sometime closer to the summer you will be able to get acquainted with the Ukrainian translation of it.



Over the previous month, three the most active participants of our team have earned your praise, as well as the symbolic encouragement for their work.

Mykola Melnyk: distinguished on the Hand of Fate 2 project, he translated about 16% of the total volume of the text for a month. The real hero!

Sofia Shul: mostly proofread the fairy-tales of McDonald, not forgetting at the same time distributing educational punches to non-ideal translators.

Rostyslav “Rusty”: he hardly saddened when had heard that The Curious Expedition had to be translated not as usual but on some damned web site; however members of SBT Localization never give up, so he quickly mastered everything and for a month translated about 10% of the total volume of the text.


In January, three new members joined the SBT Localization team: Polina “Vlastelinchik”, Anastasia Tereshchuk, and Anastasia Alekseienko. All three have proven themselves responsible translators. We wish them inspiration and good luck in translation.



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SBT Localization: Report #29
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