SBT Localization at Game Industry Conference

SBT Localization has delegated Olia Khmelnytska and Oleksii Ivanov to visit the Game Industry Conference (GIC) held this month in Poznan, Poland, on the premises of Poznan Game Arena.

Poland has greeted them with cold rain and complex traffic issues. The weather cleared soon, however, and there came the help from a Ukrainian woman working in Poland who provide a better understanding of Poznan rather complex public transport system.

Who’s going to help you, if not your own countrymen, right?

Game Industry Conference

Poznan Game Arena is a massive complex, including 8 separate section and pavilions, each dedicated to a game industry segment such as indi-games, AAA titles (with a standalone specially-built container for CD Projekt Red of course!), online gambling and others.

In a separate section for foreign developers, Chinese and Israeli team were eager to let the attendants try their games out and were generous with sweet rewards, stickers, badges and all that usually goes with this.

It is also worth mentioning a stage for the Farming Simulator 2019 game, having an actual tractor on-stage, where anyone could climb into the rig and fancy himself a farmer, albeit a virtual one.

All in all it seems that Polish game industry is evolving and developing each year with impressive strides and does not show any signs of stopping. From AAA games to small-scale indies, projects are being made and improvements taken into account, which can be beneficial for Ukraine and serve as a role model, at the very least.

It is also worth mentioning that those developer representatives that we had the opportunity to talk to — while still not viewing Ukrainian market as that worth fully investing in — admit that they do notice its growth over the past years. Their vague optimism is obviously not something that should be celebrated but is still better than the attitude and reputation we had in the past.

Which is something at least.

Our sincere thanks go the the organizers of the event, we most definitely had a great time.

We’ll be sure to drop by next year!

Poland and its beauty

Last but not least, here are some of the other sweet and interesting sites visited during the trip to GIC.

Photo: Olia Khmelnytska, Oleksii Ivanov

by Oleksii Ivanov


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