The Most Anticipated Games 2020 (Spring)

2020 is here. The beginning of a new decade, and a great time to discover the most anticipated games of 2020. SBT Localization Team wish you all the best in 2020, and suggest you to check the most outstanding games of 2020 out together.

March 2020


(Xbox1, MWindows 10)

Do you remember this amazing and inspiring platformer Ori and the Blind Forest?

Well, you’ll be able to meet Ori’s fate soon enough. A whole new adventurous and picturesque world with dangerous enemies and challenging mysteries await you!

Preorder is available here.


(MW, PS4, Xbox1)

If you enjoy these fascinating sea battles in Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassins Creed: Rogue Ubisoft is happy to present you such a pleasure in Skull & Bones.

Multiplayer pirate simulator takes place at the Golden age of piracy in the waters of the Indian Ocean, which you can conquer alone or together with your friends and become the dangerous legend of the sea. Improve your ship in order to create your own killing machine, which is not afraid of tricky weather and storms. May 2020 be the year of deep seas and great rum!


(MW, PS4, Xbox1)

The new decade presents the most anticipated game of the year, which promises you hundreds of hours of adventures, victories and defeats. All the events take place 200 years earlier of the M&B: Warband’s story. It is possible to distinguish the following features of the game:

– the gameplay will remain quite the same comparing with the previous game, keeping its knight\rogue\mercenary\hero simulation together with RPG elements and company lead;

– the diplomacy system will be improved; your decisions will influence geopolitical affairs of Calradia;

– the economics system will remain unchanged – picking a line of work is completely up to you, whether you want to be an honest merchant or not; whatever your choice is, you’ll be able to feed yourself;

– the unique system of weapon crafting, which can be named whatever you like; combining with realistic combat physics of the game you’ll be able to create your own fighting style and become a merciless killing machine;

– the developer confirmed the information about the mod creating instruments, which means that you will be able to create your own expansion packs;

– multiplayer mode will make the game even more fun!

Early access is available here.

April 2020


(MW, PS4, Xbox1, Stadia)

This article would be incomplete without mention of CDProject RED. If you are a big fan of video game industry you already know about Cyberpunk 2077, but if notwell gladly tell you in a few words about it.

Events of the game are unfolding in Night City, which represents cybernetic megapolis of the future with its power struggles, affairs, luxury and poverty at the same time. All this is accompanied by the ubiquitous cult of body modification using implants – in a word – that is cyberpunk in all its glory. The protagonist – V – is looking for a legendary implant which gives immortality to its owner. At the beginning of the game you’ll have an opportunity to choose your character’s sex, appearance and bio. Once it’s done a whole new world of this first-person RPG will open up for you, where only your decisions will matter. Moreover, the in-game world will be full of interesting events and quests, even though the map won’t be the-witcher-3-huge.

We are happy to tell you that we are working very hard on The World Of Cyberpunk 2077 translation in cooperation with Vovkulaka publishing house.

May 2020


(MW, PS4, Xbox1, Linux, MacOS)

One cannot pass over Wasteland 3 which will make its contribution to the post-apocalypse games this year. Meet an isometric RPG with tactical combat where wild west creates a symbiosis with technogenic and depressing future. It is you who determine the fate of Colorado-City and the whole Arizona.

Preorder is available here.

Coming 2020


(MW, PS4, Xbox1)

Dying Light 2 is a sequel of one of the most ambitious zombie-games which showed in 2015 how it is possible to combine action with the RPG elements and good old story about virus, zombie and the end of mankind.

Nevertheless, the second episode of the game promises to have even deeper storyline. The events are unfolding after 15 years after the events of the first episode on the territory of the last human settlement. You are Aiden Caldwell, and you are infected survivor, which boosts your agility comparing to others. But your enemies also developed and zombies become more sensitive to UV light, making them to prefer night raids more. Don’t forget about bandits – an indispensable part of any city – as you’ll be involved in local conflicts. All the decisions you make in this new dark ages will influence the city, so get ready to meet an unfriendly world of Dying Light and kill all the scum you’ll meet. Cooperative game will make it even more fun, allowing you to play with 2-4 players.


(PCPS4, PS5, Xbox1, XboxX,Stadia)

This is another prospective sequel by Ubisoft which promises to surpass its predecessors. Events are taking place in London after Brexit. Your priority is to recruit agents and form resistance force. The game mechanics will give you an opportunity to switch between the citizens and classify recruits (soldier, spy and hacker), and the game atmosphere will dive you into depressing and grey world, which contrasts the second episode and emphasize the mood of the first one.


(Switch, PS4, Xbox1, MW)

In a galaxy far, far away another LEGO 3-like game has been decided to create. The game has two stories: the first one begins with The Phantom Menace, allowing us to move through the Skywalker Saga; in the second one we can start from Ray’s story, based on The Rise of Skywalker. No matter whether you like such LEGO adaptations or not, or whether you enjoy the new trilogy, the game has a decent chance of becoming one of the best opportunities to live this 42-year story.


(MW, Linux, MacOS)

Although there is limited knowledge on Crusarder Kings 3, we can say that this game will have updated economy and diplomacy systems together with another updated opportunities. Create your own dynasty and conquer the whole world, and also get ready for numerous DLC’s, because its Paradox Interactive.


(PS4, Xbox1, MW)

And last but not least, we suggest you to immerse in nostalgia. This brilliant series returns after 16 years with encouraging sequel. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 is the third-person perspective RPG in the World of Darkness universe. You are a vampire, joining one of the clans and becoming a part of the vampire civil war, which takes place in the streets of Seattle. Choose your friends and kill your enemies, become a hunter and spill your enemies blood! And by the way, this is the game with multiple variants of playing.

Well, that was it for now. Please let us know in the comments if we missed something.

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Bohdan Peredrii


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