Who does the Shlyakbitraf/SBT Localization union need?

The union is always in need of new translators and editors, so we will gladly accept you to our team if you successfully pass the TEST to test your knowledge and skills, as well as a trial task.

Do you need experience?

Translation experience is welcome, but not mandatory, so students are also welcome.

It is desirable to have skills in using Crowdin, but this is also not a mandatory requirement, we will teach you in the process.

What are the main requirements for candidates?

1) high level of knowledge of the Ukrainian and English languages;

2) responsibility and attentiveness;

3) Telegram or Discord (for communication and discussions, preference for Telegram);

4) be able to process at least 2000 (two thousand) words per month;

ATTENTION! Please pre-check your knowledge and skills with the TEST. The purpose of the test is to familiarize candidates with sample game texts containing various (but not all) problems, and to help them understand whether they can cope with them.

A few words about the test

1) The tasks are selected by the editors based on common mistakes, as well as various situations that a video game translator has to deal with.

2) During execution, you can and even should use Internet search.

3) If some tasks seem too difficult to you, because nothing is clear without a context, because “some technical nonsense” is a third of the sentence, because they did not deal with such terms, etc., then it is so, welcome to hell.

4) Take your time, carefully read the task conditions and answer options.

Test passed successfully. What now?

If according to the results of the test you scored at least 25 points, then visit the Contact page and send us a message. A contact person will contact you and send you a trial assignment.

Ukrainization of gaming worlds awaits its heroes!

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